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  1. hello everybody i tried every way to work this out but it didnt work ok so i download the title update normally but when i select the tu #11 it still is stuck on title update 10 please help
  2. yeah i didnt update but i installed the avatar update for 16202 and changed the name to $$ystemupdate and plugged the usb in and it worked i have installed the update the right message appears and everything but if i unplug the usb from the xbox the changes would not stay the avatars would go away ps: link works on 16202 and everything and the update worked but if i unplug the usb that has the usb that has the $$ystemupdate folder the avatars would go away any help would be very much appreciated! :)
  3. hello i am on 16202 and latest dashboard and dashlaunch and i tried every thing but didnt work i tried to change the name to $$ystemupdate and put it on the root of a fat32 formatted pen drive i tried to boot with the drive connected to the console doesnt work goes straight to fsd 3,and i tried to put it in the official dashboard(ms or whatever) still no luck. does this update work for 16202 ? ps: i wanted to install the avatars because i read somewhere that it would fix the fatal crash intercepted in black ops 2 while trying to join a game in link if theres any other way to fix that crash please help. any help woulld be greatly appreciated !
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