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  1. Sorry for my english Very good the Skin, but i only see a bug (for my taste), is for example, the second and third image, that the letters "Cover Layout", "Animate" or the third image, "Launch", "View", etc... for the colors of the letters and the background so dark, but the skin is fine.
  2. Hi, i want to upload some covers that i created for a psx autoboots games and on the page you do not have the Titthle IDs of that emulator (the psx emulator you have is the pcsxr360xex with Tittle ID 00000155) and the autoboots that i have are with TittleID 1CED2911, if you want to upoad the covers of these autoboots i put it and already in xboxunity.net i upload the covers. Name:pcsx-r Type: emulator psx xbox 360 TittleID: 1CED2911
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