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  1. Hi, mnay thanks for the replies. I've figured it out, i had the games in the root directory of the drive, so now i've put them into a 'games' folder on the drive and all is well! All i've got to do now is read up on how to get the second forza 3 disc in and how to copy the dlc from me live xbox to this one. Thanks again.. Ian
  2. Hi, i'm Ian pretty new to all this, but am learning so please bare with me!! I've rgh1'd a falcon a and flashed the dvd drive to 800 create backups and using a usb drive on the xbox to store/run games on. I've extracted and ftp'd a couple of me backed up game iso's to the usb drive (game folder) using xbox360isoextract. Have set the path to usb0 and a path depth of 5 but the games wont show up in the 360 game menu, but if i use file manager and run the default.xex file in each of the games folders they run fine! I'm probably missing something daft but cant figure out what so wondered if you could point me in the right direction? Many thanks for your time. Ian H
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