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  1. I use a 2 TB external HDD , sometimes I have to wait 2 to 3 minutes till the console boots up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Best skin ever . Thank you for your effort. Two thumbs up!!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you very much, I think I'll send it to a tech to do it. ( almost same cost ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Plus that I never play ps3 games on the internet. ( online gaming not needed ) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. hey guys, i have an old 80GB PS3 (Fat) i was wondering , can i jailbreak it using a software or it needs a chip inside of it like the xbox ? and can i download the games on an external HDD and attach it to the usb port? if so, please explain how to do it. Thank you,
  6. It happens when your connection is weak . Same problem with other games?
  7. Remove then Reinstall FSD
  8. Mazen El Jammal

    Link issue

    disable then enable f3 pluggin this kind of problems happens frequently after a fresh install of fsd
  9. Insert another usb stick and format it in xbox original dashboard. Then download all your TUs on it. this should work perfectly.
  10. hi guys, i want to flash my dvd without opening my xbox as my computer's motherboard doesn't support to connect the drive to it. i have a lot of games on disks and i don't want to extract images then transfer it to GOD, it will take a lot of time. any ideas how to flash it without opening the console? thank you,
  11. Every HDD will work on the xbox but you have to convert it to fat32 mode.
  12. Put different ports foe each one. Example use the ports 8002, 8001 for you and 8003, 8004 for your first friend amd 3072, 3071 for your third friend etc. This should work.
  13. Try to transfer the game to HDD using iso2god and make no new folder transfer them all in the same folder. Iso2god will automatically recognise the disks and put them in the same folder
  14. Ok look, what kind of routers do you have?
  15. Anas, you can communicate with me in private using any of these languages (English French Russian ukrainian Arabic).Basically, Using any language rather than English in the forum is prohibited. "Respect to others".
  16. I removed the FSD and everything related to it and installed it again in offline mode. Everything went good. Now I have the choice to choose where to download the TUs thank you for your support and as an advice, don't download the fsd throw the old f3 installer. Fsd will crash often and you'll face problems like the one I mentioned above. Thank you JPIZZLE once again for your support
  17. If you can tell me where the updates are and where do I have to move them, I'll be so thankful.
  18. I made a reset for the skin. Still no change.
  19. Yes default skin but I changed the background in it
  20. Guys in the previous version of fsd I could choose where to download the TUs but now I can't choose. I used to download them on a usb stick formated by the xbox dash and it works but now it downloads automatically and don't recognize them in the system link. NB: my games are on an external 2 TB HDD. No internal HDD on my xbox only the firm 4 GB one.
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