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  1. Hey I have some question like thatvas well! If the core exists for PC, cant it be compiled for 360?
  2. Well mine loads fine but movies stops (but the audio continues). Funnily, the other day the internet was acting up and I could watch an entire movie, on SD resolution. It seems that the hd codecs are out of date?
  3. If you are playing on old tvs, go to the console settings and enable widescreen mode on Screen Format.
  4. I will piggyback on this thread to ask: Is there any android solution tobtransfer via wifi files to the xbox? FTP type? Thx in advance!
  5. Hi all, is there a way to acces the offline local battle log? I mean, in Ultra SF4 its an option in the player data menu. But in SFxT it is inside the Xbox Live section. The PS Vita curiously have the option to watch the local log too without going into psn. Any way to overcome this and trick the console that "is online" so it lets me acces the aforementioned menu? Thx everyone!
  6. MKK hanzo

    Coinops on RGH?

    Awesome to read While not all games he has running on OG Xbox may run here, with the Retroarch 360 cores, a good load of games can be played. Even some that dont play on OG xbox like the Midway MKs or SF3 etc on their original arcade versions
  7. Source: https://www.libretro.com/index.php/in-development-retroarch-angle-support-opengl-support-for-uwp-and-more/ ANGLE is middleware developed by Google that serves as an OpenGL compatibility layer on systems where OpenGL support is either spotty or missing entirely. It converts OpenGL calls to Direct3D 9/11. Yay? N64 Mupen coming FINALLY to Xbox360?
  8. Supposedly there were some backward compatibility updates in the 360 hence the coming of OG Xbox titles for Xbox 1 on Games with Gold and Gamepass on 2018. So the emulator might be updated.
  9. This good guy did it! If anyone wants to test, please do! I personally have not uodated mine, since one user reported it wiped his HDD so be warned! https://mobile.twitter.com/Mathieulh He talks about kernel unlock for the OG xbox emu too! https://mobile.twitter.com/Mathieulh/status/1200509956518301697
  10. Well, FBA now is FBNeo and.... It include Midway games playable on it! Would this be "portable" to 360? Since it is a RA fork. This could lead to the KI games on 360! (if the screenshots are right) https://www.libretro.com/index.php/goodbye-fbalpha-welcome-fbneo/
  11. Thank you very much as always! Edit: kind of stuck at the "press left at title updates" part. On what screen should I do that? Edit 2: nevermind just did it!
  12. Hi everyone. I have read twice this thread but cant find HOW to do the romlaunching stuff from the aurora dash itself. Anybody has a tuto, or could elaborate? Thx ahmgain for your work everyone!
  13. Is this possible? I mean, can I configure my rgh xbox to boot into, lets say, an emulator directly? Also if so, how could I do a recovery from that? Thx in advance EDIT: Nevermind me, just did it.
  14. I requested this a long time ago. Seems like the option is not coded on the source. Recently, Lantus (the original coder) ported this MAME to switch and it seems to feature that option, and his source code is on github. Maybe is portable to 360?
  15. That is a common glitch on CRT TVs. If I recall well, you have to set the screen on thr original dashboard to WIDESCREEN for this menu to wprk, am I right? BTW, will aspect ratio be added on future builds? And a way to change the menu in game combo? Because playing some fighting games, while pressing or mashing the buttons (xmen vs sf) it brings out the menu! XD
  16. Thx! Mame 0.72 has been out for a while. https://mega.nz/#!ihYQSYwJ!_pvRJ3y2MFqx-9_PusHjBTZ9e-_PTUY-MtXyEEI0OF4 Im currently looking for the FBA one
  17. Hi everyone. Is there any hope for FBANext 360 and MAME 0.72 to have someday romlaunching features added to Aurora?
  18. Awesome and thanks for your time!
  19. Doooooooooont forget the MAME changes! =D EDIT: @cmkn_1983 any chance of it working on SD tvs soon?
  20. Just here reporting that I have been getting a BLAST out of the RA fixes! Also commenting that, in other threads here, there are requests for a Killer Instinct Emu ported for the 360, BUT, I am reading that Mame 2003 RA supports it? Im doing some tests and will come back with results (if any). Also, it seems like it was a backport fix (what Felida did), so be on the lookout!
  21. Working AWESOME dude! It does NOT creates any game .cfg anymore and there have been NO fatal crashes ATM. Still testing!! Thanks!!!
  22. There you go umk3.cfg retroarch-core-options.cfg retroarch.cfg default.xex.cfg EDIT: here is a video playthrough of the UMk3 game
  23. Encountered some issues and im reporting. After exiting the game correctly, it creates (in this case UMK3.cfg) a .cfg file for that game. Now if i load the rom again, it gives me a FATAL CRASH ERROR. Funnily, the buttons I assigned to MENU, COINS and RESET under the mame GENERAL CONFIG are saved and present NO issues at all. To correct this, I just delete umk3.cfg and the game loads again. I just have to exit the emu/game via the Xbox guide button, so it does NOT creates an .cfg for that game. ITS OK FOR ME, but for some it can be bothersome. I overcame the button assignment by re binding on the RA menu and save them.
  24. Downloading! I will post up ASAP! THANKS! HAPPIEST EDIT EVER: I just CANT believe it! Corrupted sound after 4 fights is FIXED!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!! Recording a walkthrough in UMK3 just to celebrate and uploading to YT!!!! T H A N K S F E L I D A!!!!!!!!!! (This should be the default core on MAME now IMO)
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