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  1. Looking forward to the list.[emoji6]
  2. Thanks yo Phoenix, amazing dash you released man. Just was wondering, what exactly are the good things coming up with the next release???
  3. Nice to hear it. Listing routers is a great idea but it takes time...good luck with it.
  4. Just create a simple account man. That's no hard work...P.S: checked creating accounts just now, works fine.
  5. Even though it is pointless, running the game on RGH, but I'm pretty sure there's STH wrong with your Copy of game.
  6. I'm no expert at it, but I think making live time trainers have sth to do with XDKs and for modding HEX Editting & coding. Good luck with the search engines, hope to see your works around soon.
  7. Yo, it's been a long time since the last time I have used FSD, with this skin I'm pretty sure it'll be a bit of a sweet back. Thanks.
  8. great to see the team keeps updating features for US. THANKS.
  9. alright folks! I'm facing a super strange problem here...You see,everything passes in the test & I also get "system link patched" in the main menu,but yet when I'm in MW3 when I hit the "Guide", the System link function is unavailable... I'm running the latest version of everything on 16537 dash! help .
  10. If you found links for that which would work please p.m me the links.Thanks!
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