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  1. error form may not have name or id of "submit"... what does this mean and how can I make a private room?
  2. I haven't got to try i t but definetly gonna give it a go
  3. btw already beat it on hard difficulty 7 hrs and the story sucks compared to other gow games> IMO its a flop another crappy game by PCF with epic name on it. Anyway back to AC3 new DLC!!
  4. richard it is finish they could add it in later under special events but I doubt it. Flam you have you hit back button at main menu and choose system link
  5. No more Horde mode They replaced it with survival mode its ok but gonna miss classic horde from gears 3 oh well off to play campain
  6. Well hope to see lots of ppl on gears tomorrow Gamertag MILFHUNTERO6
  7. I was was wrong i do wish it would make me breakfast though cpu 41c gpu 44c mem 47c chassis 26c fan 70%
  8. I was told to keep my fan at 70%. I have a phat jasper everything stays around 50c ish except the case is around 80c. Its a little loud until I put my turtle beaches on. I also have a legacy whisper and have setting in dashlaunch set to 50/50/50
  9. you will have to search for it on the web or 360iso has it
  10. you have to get the season pass dlc(seperate file) had the same problem before works perfect now
  11. where did you get the dlc from xbox live or a website? I have been trying to find a good site to get dlc from
  12. I have a 2 Tb Buffalo external and when I cut on RGH I have to wait for FSD to come up then plug in HDD, and wait for it to quit blinking. Then I have to goto blades and hit the Y button to reboot FSD for it to reconize HDD. It's not a game breaker for me just a little aggervating. I didn't know if there was something in dashlaunch or ini that could help. I also have a Samsung G1TB that did not have this problem it would start blinking as soon as I powered on RGH, but I still sometimes had to go in blades to reboot for it to show games in 360 tab. If ya need anymore specifics let me know and thanks for any feedback.
  13. no you got the right impression game is a 2.0 out of 10. not suprizing gearbox f'd this up after the butcher job with BL2
  14. yeah man I'm on east coast but stay up late. What time do you usally get on? My gamertag Is MILFHUNTERO6
  15. I haven't touched my rgh all weekend being superbowl weekend and all. It was working fine before that but I cut it on today and I get no weather and it hangs a little when going though games unless I hit the layout style button (X). Then goes back to regular speed but after 10 sec goes back to lag. I can still get TU and Covers. I only had it do this once before and it was cause I had it unplugged from router, but its doing it now while connected. Any help Is greatly appreciated.
  16. Yeah I see what ya mean about run and gun but the farther you get they dont give any running space. I think normal difficulty is to easy. The first two were on normal were way more scarce on ammo and medkit, but like I said the later part of the game gets interesting. What's wrong with the graphics I think It looks great considering the hardware its running on. I kind of dissapointed with the story line as it feel like I'm play the same kind of story again just with different people and places.
  17. yes I just played with a guy in a modded zombies game been doing it since day one
  18. yeah they fixed it on live so I figured somebody had the new tu uploaded somewhere
  19. I know all about treyarc problem with die rise . I was just wondering if there is a updated tu for rgh floating around somewhere as I'm getting script errors with TU # 6
  20. I'm about 5 hr in and it is crazy not much change in story people going nuts Destroy markers ect..., but the gun crafting is cool.I made a rivet gun early in game and it's my main gunfor now. If you have a save from DS2 and ME3 you get a N7 Suit and Planet cracker Plasma cutter.There are hundreds of combo to make custom blueprints.The enemies really don't let up all in your face but just stasis and rivet to wall lol.
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