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  1. My xbox is having problems with FPS crash

    i was talking about the usb flash drive , i know the xbx has usb 2 ,
  2. My xbox is having problems with FPS crash

    hi , try to change the thermal-past and the fan (or clean the fan) , also i recommend to delete all cache from your console then install the game and the TU then try again , if the problem still existe try to boot the game from usb 3.0 just to see if the problem in your sata connection inside your console
  3. hi guys if any one have gears of war 3 tu 6 please provide it , i download tu from unity but doesn't work for me tid 4D5308AB mediaid 6EF14DF9 Edit: nevermind i fix it
  4. New games dont want work on RGH

    try to update the system and the avatar , then download the TU for the game and put it in your HDD and try
  5. [SKIN] Naruto Shippuden Final Aurora 6.0

    put some pictures for your skin to let people see the skin before they download them : )
  6. Aurora Game Adder

    press the Y button (i guess )to make default mp load first
  7. Is Unity down?

    check your connection between the console and the modem/router , and if you want to play link first you have to open ports in your modem/router , give the console static privet ip , then request the ap key from unity
  8. XBOX not able to play system link

    you welcome if you cant understand what in the page i can explain
  9. XBOX not able to play system link

    follow this tuto https://portforward.com/tp-link/tl-wr941nd/
  10. XBOX not able to play system link

    give me the modem/router name ,
  11. XBOX not able to play system link

    did you open the ports in your modem/router ?? if not open the data port and the broadcast port on your router , and assign static ip to your Xbox (privet ip ) and try again
  12. LiNK Port Forwarding in Turkey

    i really dont understand the prbl her to help you but why you try new modem/router ?

    yeah true the f up the game every time

    hi guys i see some Moroccans , Algerian ...... names when i am playing MW3 GHOSTS , and i want to create or someone create chat group like whats app or Facebook group , telegram or something to play one game each time because we have same time zone and the connect wont lag or corrupt , so if you down please reply (we will use password to keep modders or hackers away because they f up the game play every time especially in MW3 and BO2)
  15. Title Update problem

    search for the tu on the web , use media ID for the game , then put in in your /Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/GAMEID/000B0000then scan the title using aurora , go to your game under TU and select the title that you upload to your hard drive