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  1. Zack 47

    Unity on discord

  2. Zack 47

    Looking for times to play halo 4 and reach on LINK.

    dm me if you want to play some games including halo;s
  3. Zack 47

    Unity on discord

    I already know the script . You guys don't understand the idea or what i was saying . I was playing on Xbox live with my friends and talking in discord its so much fun . Same on link i use to play with good friends no hacker no modders but now i see link is basically Dead . Do you what i am mean
  4. Zack 47

    Unity on discord

    hi guys i just have a idea about why we create a community on discord for Link to play all of us one game sometimes or co-ops or just regular multiplayer , i already create a discord channel called system-link if you want to jump in please do and you are more than please to leave any idea or suggestion link for the discord channel : https://discord.gg/3zxS8rN
  5. Zack 47


    yes u can
  6. Hi friends i don't know if i am allow to create this kind of topics but i just want to create discord chat for system link players just to have fun etc... This is the link to my discord https://discord.gg/KrvRHBf
  7. Hi if any one want to play mw2 multiplayer on tu 0 .i am hosting right now if you want jump in
  8. Zack 47

    How to add DLC to your xbox 360 console

    unlock them with 360mp on your desktop
  9. hi i didnt find any tu on unity for sniper elite 3 tid 464F0803 media id 4F384D1A , if any one have it please send it to me i cant even find it on the web
  10. Zack 47

    My xbox is having problems with FPS crash

    i was talking about the usb flash drive , i know the xbx has usb 2 ,
  11. Zack 47

    My xbox is having problems with FPS crash

    hi , try to change the thermal-past and the fan (or clean the fan) , also i recommend to delete all cache from your console then install the game and the TU then try again , if the problem still existe try to boot the game from usb 3.0 just to see if the problem in your sata connection inside your console
  12. hi guys if any one have gears of war 3 tu 6 please provide it , i download tu from unity but doesn't work for me tid 4D5308AB mediaid 6EF14DF9 Edit: nevermind i fix it
  13. Zack 47

    New games dont want work on RGH

    try to update the system and the avatar , then download the TU for the game and put it in your HDD and try
  14. Zack 47

    [SKIN] Naruto Shippuden Final Aurora 6.0

    put some pictures for your skin to let people see the skin before they download them : )