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  1. Aurora Game Adder

    press the Y button (i guess )to make default mp load first
  2. Is Unity down?

    check your connection between the console and the modem/router , and if you want to play link first you have to open ports in your modem/router , give the console static privet ip , then request the ap key from unity
  3. XBOX not able to play system link

    you welcome if you cant understand what in the page i can explain
  4. XBOX not able to play system link

    follow this tuto https://portforward.com/tp-link/tl-wr941nd/
  5. XBOX not able to play system link

    give me the modem/router name ,
  6. XBOX not able to play system link

    did you open the ports in your modem/router ?? if not open the data port and the broadcast port on your router , and assign static ip to your Xbox (privet ip ) and try again
  7. LiNK Port Forwarding in Turkey

    i really dont understand the prbl her to help you but why you try new modem/router ?

    yeah true the f up the game every time

    hi guys i see some Moroccans , Algerian ...... names when i am playing MW3 GHOSTS , and i want to create or someone create chat group like whats app or Facebook group , telegram or something to play one game each time because we have same time zone and the connect wont lag or corrupt , so if you down please reply (we will use password to keep modders or hackers away because they f up the game play every time especially in MW3 and BO2)
  10. Title Update problem

    search for the tu on the web , use media ID for the game , then put in in your /Hdd1/Content/0000000000000000/GAMEID/000B0000then scan the title using aurora , go to your game under TU and select the title that you upload to your hard drive
  11. swap disk

    hi guys , i was using aurora all time and its handle swap disk so easily , now i am jus using the original xbox dash (i dont know how they call ) , for some servers , and some games need to swap disk and i dont know how to do it in xbox dash , i see configuration (swap )in dashlaunsh i enable it , but nothing happened , please any info about this
  12. Xbox online server (xbonline)

    no its not original xbox live server , its a stealth server called xbonline , i have rgh xbox and i use this server to get my console online , but now i cant , so i wondering if the server is down or i have a problem with my console
  13. Xbox online server (xbonline)

    hi guys i just want to ask about the xbonline server , its work fine with me couple of days ago , but now i cant to get my xbox online with xbonline server , is this server is down or something ??? or i hev problem with my xbox , ? thanks you
  14. COD MW 1

    hi guys any one want to play cod mw 1 tu4 now am hosting right now
  15. System Link restart

    same her