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  1. Thank you @Swizzy, my apologies for the incoherent *bump* I was just getting on and PMing you or another developer that could help answer my question, I'm not looking to be spoon fed I just need a place to start, I've managed a lot of things(improvements) since the last post getting things to world the way I wanted but I'm still having no luck at patching the default GuideMain.xur that's inside the hud.xex with my own!
  2. @gavin_darkglider I understand the "we don't support xblstealth" I'm just learning this as an hobby But could you elaborate more or show an example of what you were able to produce? EDIT: I found this post https://www.xboxchaos.com/topic/3428-community-dashboard-research-xdkrghjtag/ but it ends back in 2013 smh maybe this can help find some more answers here
  3. I've been attempting to get my custom GuideMain.xur to load but no luck and I've tried countless solutions/ideas to get it working! I spoke to ikonroi but he'd only give me a trail of bread crumbs never something solid to go from. I have the infamous GuideInfo.xur working but not necessarily how NiNJA & Teapot have it working, they load it through an .xzp file, which I do the same with my custom notify which is built within my xex. But I cannot manage to get these two files to load directly from my xzp like NiNJA & Teapot do so! Some examples of what I've been attempting to accomplish: http://imgur.com/ivrRMkG.png http://imgur.com/seqF9k3.png As you can see the text is colored as well as well as the custom text above(Xbox Guide to TeapotLive Guide) the labels below are produced by the GuideInfo.xur(which I have achieved by loading it technically manually which is definitely different from the GuideMain.xur! And I'd like the load both of these from my xzp but I'm stuck! I'd love any help, appreciated in advanced! You may reply directly, pm me, or message me via Skype: i00thieves Thanks again!
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