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  1. Hi all i was trying to change some values in pes 17i was using xce tools,i have all the plugins installed and i was able to mod fifa 17 successfully but when i try to search for the value 49135000 on pes it first dumps the memory after that i press exact but there are no values there in settings i have 4 byte value checkedAlso a weird thing is happening with this game it was working fine yesterday but as soon as i installed the plugins i.e xbdm,rpc etc.it randomly hangs at any time and doesn't work untill i refresh a folder on the jtag using neighborhood on my pcAll help is appreciated Move from Xbox Homebrew ---> Xbox Games ! Dr.Gonzo.
  2. Maaz599


    Do you know of any such extractor which may also be available on android
  3. Maaz599


    Hi i was just going to ask if you need a specific ISO sxtractor made for JTAG games to extract them or can you use any ISO extractor on the Internet
  4. Can it "CONVERT"a extracted game into an ISO
  5. Ok so I have used aurora,fsd and XEX menu extraction Ok so I have the extracted form of the game so I can't make a god format(because you can't convert XEX format to GOD)And is there no other fix
  6. Hey guys so I have this game backup I made for fable 3 and I have the latest Tu and the cd worked fine but whenever I play from the XEX it gives a fatal crash now here is the annoying part of I play the same game from my USB it works perfectly I have tried removing launch.ini,moving it to another folder,removed plugins and it still does not work in on the latest dash 17511 With the latest dashlaunch Y launch.ini http://pastebin.com/15GX8eYe
  7. I have figured out the problem But there's a new one I don't have the avatar update installed but whenever I download the update from the Xbox site it gives me the update for the next kernel i.e 17511 but I have the previous version can someone help me or give me the files of the avatar update pls
  8. Hi Guys I'm quite new to this so pls bear with me I am trying to use the system link feature in Aurora,I have an account I have checked all the test,I can see lobbies but I can't join them I'm playing Call of duty black ops 2 whenever I see a lobby I join it then I go in game amd open system link in multiplayer menu and select join game but there is nothing there to join I don't know what to do Also I have a weird problem when I start bo2 from hardrive(Installed Version)I can't play multiplayer it says can't start please redownload but when I use my cd it works perfectly
  9. Guys I need help I have just updated my kernel to the given version whenever I launch the xex file from installer folder in my Xbox I get a black screen and it stays that way
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