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  1. Ah, thanks for the suggestion. I've Googled about the nohdmiwait patch thinking it might be an option somewhere in FSD or Dashlaunch that I can just simply enable - turns out I have to rebuild my NAND again, which will have to wait until I get back home from the province. It's strange though that with a brand new cable, the issue starts within a minute. The TV also serves as a PC monitor which is connected to one of the two HDMI ports. It looks like the TV no longer likes my console - it doesn't have any issues outputting the PC video on either HDMI ports. Will post back if nohdmiwait solves the problem.
  2. Hi! I have an almost 3-year old Xbox 360 S RGHed Corona which started to act weird a week ago.... It's hooked to our 32-inch LG LED TV via HDMI but after a couple of minutes (5 or less), the screen would momentarily turn black and the video comes back again within a second. A few more minutes later, the same thing happens again, becoming annoyingly frequent (the video just stays on for a few seconds now and back on again) until it eventually stays black - the TV will then display the "No Signal" message. I've noticed that the issue only starts when I play a game, it doesn't happen when I'm just on FSD. I've already tried plugging it on another HDMI port on the TV which my brother also uses as his PC's monitor (also uses HDMI), made sure it's properly plugged in, tried reversing ends, checked for possible small foreign objects in the HDMI ports of both the console and TV. Unplugging and replugging the cable, by the way, restores the video but the symptoms come back again. I've no issues using the composite cable that came with the console (using it would've been fine by me if I weren't playing XCOM - a text heavy game). I thought that the cheap HDMI cable has started to give up so I bought a not-so-cheap one but the console can't seem to boot up with it. It normally boots within a minute or two but after waiting for 5 or so minutes, the console seems to give up and turns back off (the central LED light on the power button goes a way and the PSU LED light goes back to orange). I only tried turning the console on again and see if it will eventually boot up 3 times but it just eventually turns back off. I tried to use the composite cable again just to get it to boot up, which it did, and then changed it to the HDMI cable but to my dismay, the issue started in just a minute or two even when it's just sitting on FSD. Any ideas as to what the issue might be? I think it's unlikely that the HDMI port on the console has issues as the console has never been dropped or anything. +:-(
  3. Ah, I guess it needs real-time monitoring (which might be impossible with very limited people) or probably needs a complicated set of programs which might take more than a year to implement. Oh, we'll I guess I should only Link up when I feel like cheating/getting cheated! Thanks for the replies!
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    Link Features

    Greetings, I've finally updated my FSD 3 to Rev 775 and tried setting up Link. The test failed so I didn't bother trying it or figuring out how to open ports on the router yet. Next morning I tried playing Diablo III RoS when I noticed the new Guide Menu (Title Update already Downlaoded). I immediately checked out System Link and found the rooms with people in it and joined in. For some reason, I can join someone else's Party even though the Link Tests failed last night. I tried my cousin's Crusader as he was already Level 60 (which was a requirement for me to be able to join the other party) and it connected!!! To my dismay, it turns out that there are Modded Rooms/Hacks can be used - my cousin's character ended up getting way too leveled up (Paragon Level 600+), which for some reason, weakened him even though I'm playing on the same difficulty. I am hoping that someone here can tell me if there's a way to see if the room/party/game I'll be joining is modded or not so I can avoid it. I tried creating my own room but it doesn't seem to work. Cheers!
  5. :-) One last question, with either dumped NANDS, I'm getting the "error: unable to decrypt kv! either it's corrupt or the cpukey you supplied is incorrect!" message when I Check KV on XeBuild. From what I've read so far, KVs are related to the console getting banned - I still tried connecting my console to Xbox Live when I went back home with my newly RGHed console. Lol! Is it normal to get this error? Or should I refrain from flashing my console with the hacked image? *I'll try J-Runner later. Thanks again! More power to you!
  6. Hi there! Thanks for looking into this. Sorry, but I can't load to XeLL at all. The console does nothing but makes the Eject sound when I touch the button while the console is off. I already tried to launch Xell via FSD's File Manager, it just gives me a black screen for a couple of seconds and then FSD will reload. The console is connected to an SD TV using the composite cable (red, yellow, white). I already tried building the hacked image. Here's the XeBuild Log if it helps: Also, while trying to Check KV, I got an error that says "Unable to decrypt kv! either it's corrupt or the cpukey you supplied is incorrect!" I read that KVs are related to getting the modded console banned after connecting it to Xbox Live - which I did. Is this normal? If ever I brick the console this way, can the experts (those with the hardware) get it to work again? Thanks!
  7. Hi there, Swizzy. I hope you're doing well. I also have a similar issue. It takes at least 2 - 3 minutes for my 360 S Corona to boot but I'm okay with it. If the installation isn't optimized like you mentioned, would I have trouble updating my console? Also, what I really wanted to ask was about your Flasher. I downloaded v1.3 last week so that I could retrieve my CPU Key as well as dump my RGH's NAND. But it gave me the "Dashboard is to old... Use Xell!" error. So I wasn't able to obtain my CPUKey but I still went ahead and dumped it and got a 48.0 MB .bin. I tried v.14 earlier today and for some reason, I didn't get the error from v1.3, does that mean this supports older Dashboards? I'm on an SD TV and it's almost impossible to read the CPUKey on Dashlaunch but so far, with the CPUKey I got from your v1.4 Flasher, it looks the same on Dashlaunch. I also got a 48.0 MB .bin from it. Which flashdmp.bin should I use? The one I dumped from v1.3 (the one that doesn't recognize my Dashboard)? Or is the v.14 dump more accurate? How can I make sure that the dump is "flawless?" Cheers!
  8. A "Yes" or "No" answer would do but I'd really appreciate it if you can give me your opinion. I need to tell you about my console first. I got this brand new, unmodded US Xbox 360 S console almost 3 years ago. I didn't know anything about modding at all (I now know just a few jargons but still a noob). I went to the people who RGHs consoles but was told that it's not possible to RGH it yet back then (Manufacture Date: 12/28/2011 - so that would mean it's a Corona). I had to wait for around half a year before it became possible to have it RGHed. There were two places where I can have it modded; the first one told me that my console can boot within just a few seconds/won't be longer than a minute but it was really expensive (I could buy two wireless controllers). So I went to the other one who offered a really cheap service, but the downside is that it usually takes 2 - 3 minutes for it to boot up. Longest was 5 - 6 if I'm patient enough. Otherwise I have to unplug/plug it back and try again. They didn't provide me a backup of the important things I need to be able to do it on my own. Currently, I have Dashboard Version: 2.0.155740.0 and have set it to boot directly to FSD 3. I already have XeXMenu successfully installed. Now I need to get it updated to play the latest games. I am obsessive-compulsive so following Tuts won't be an issue. The thing is, I can't load XeLL to retrieve my CPU Key. The console won't even turn on with the Eject button. I installed the XeLL Folder and the XellLauncher but I only get a black screen for a couple of seconds and then it would reload FSD 3. I've researched all about it - even the Xell with Corona support doesn't work (I don't know what .bin file to use). I found someone who was able to get his Corona to display Xell via HDMI, which is quite unusual as most people say that Xell crashes if composite/component cables aren't used but that's not possible for me to try at the moment. I can only hook it up with my red, yellow, white cable that came with the console on my SD TV. So I resorted to Dashlaunch and obtained the CPU and DVD Keys from there. I also see it showing Corona and the correct Kernel version. Now I'm trying to dump my NAND. I first tried NAND Flasher 360 (the one with the grey GUI, some say that it doesn't work with Coronas but some were able to use it just fine) but it just showed a blank Mobo and 2 Bad Blocks. I still went ahead and tried to Dump NAND but it immediately gave me "Error: An error has occurred" message. I didn't touch anything. I then tried Swizzy's Simple 360 NAND Flasher which gave me the "ERROR: Your dashboard is to old for this feature, sorry... use xell!" It still gave me the option to Dump the NAND so I pressed "X." I didn't get any errors and I eventually ended up with a 48.0 MB flashdmp.bin file. I am not sure if the dumped NAND is not faulty so I'm still desperate to create a second dump of my NAND without having to use modding hardwares since I don't have one. The Xell method doesn't work for me. :-/ I really want to make sure that I have a working NAND but I don't know how. I've already familiarized myself about the whole process by comparing different Tuts regarding updating my Corona - using XeBuild and applying the update on my console but I'm still having second thoughts of doing it. > What's the best way for me to check if the NAND I dumped is not full of errors and is safe to use? > What's the worst case scenario if it turns out that my NAND is bad? Remember that I don't have any copies of the original NAND and other important things. > Just in case I'll get brave enough to take the risks - I know that I shouldn't touch the console while it's flashing, no matter what happens - will the Simple 360 NAND Flasher allow me to abort the process just in case it gets an error? Will it let me roll it back if it doesn't make it halfway through the flashing? > If ever the update goes through, I've read that some had issues running the games that previously work on a lower Dashboard after updating even if the Avatar-update thingy is installed, is it going to take a lot of work to fix that kind of issue? > Do I have to update Freestyle Dash, XeXMenu, Dash Launch afterwards? Or will the existing ones remain intact? So far those are the main things I'm worried about. I'm really sorry if I gave unnecessary details. It's just that I'm getting a really bad feeling that, no matter how careful I am in following all the Tuts available, I'd still end up bricking my console because of the questionable RGH! :-/ So guys, to sum it up, is my console safe enough to update it by myself even with its odd behavior (long boot times, won't load Xell, etc.)? I'd really appreciate it if you can answer the other questions as well. I can search the needed how-tos myself, thanks! Cheers!
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