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  1. ok i will but ffs i dont know how to take screenshots help me pls
  2. oke ,.. but i still have api key error on aurora dash when try to connect.. i search forum and i found couple of ppl who have the same problem as me ... and they dont solve the problem... tell me swizzy is it problem whit aurora i run 0.5b do i need to add someting ... or the problem is dashlunch or dashboard this is really frustraiting
  3. i finde .... i do reset and test connection and again "pc dont listen"
  4. i cant finde that option ,... in network i can just setup manual or auto ... no resetting option
  5. ok so i dont need to setup ruter .... liveblock strong is disabled ... as i say i folow tutorials and do all shit in my xbox and hi dont want to connect i think the devil is inside him
  6. its wired connection .... i type pass and username corecrt that's not the problem i try to finde some tutorials how to setup link and ppl do someting whit ruter they make some "port forwording" in ruter should i do the same ... btw i dont have "port forwording on my ruter :DDD this is some creasy xbox360 i really dont know what to do no more ...
  7. yes its work perfect on my pc ... i can login logout no problems ... its acctivate from email i recive.
  8. api key error bla bla tray again later .....
  9. @Swizzy sure man i have acc ... i reset pass two times no resoults ..... i make other one no results ..... @felida yes unity is enable ....
  10. hello ppl .... i cant connect xbox to xboxunity i try 2 or 3 solutins but noting helps .... when i test connecting on ms dash hi say " pc dont listen " is that a problem and how can i fix ? on aurora dash when i verify i fail on "ubity authenrication "upnp capable ruter detection "data port reachable "brodcast port reachable tnx
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