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  1. I have slim xbox 360, model number: 1439 you need also the serial number? What should I do?
  2. I have slim xbox 360, model number: 1439 you need also the serial number?
  3. So that means I don't have an internal hard drive? what can I do about it? how can I plug in one?
  4. When I am trying to play GHTV mode, It says: "GHTV requires an xbox 360 hard drive to play". What does it mean? there is a hard drive connected to my console (with all my games on it), so what should I do to activate GHTV mode?
  5. How do I find the DLC files in the regular console and transfer them to the usb stick? And what is XM360?
  6. Okay, no piracy. (although I don't understand why you support dashboards and all the stuff connected to hacking the xbox if you don't support piracy. It's worse than piracy) You or anyone has a clue what should I do (generally)? Or how can I do it?..
  7. Sorry, I didn't know it's not the right place for these questions. Is there is on this site a forum for my quesyion?
  8. You really think I didn't try google?.. I am not an idiot.. I searched all over the internet and found nothing. If you find something usefull, please send me a private massage. thanks
  9. Hello, I have xbox 360 with freestyle dashboard. recently I purchased the pack of Guitar Hero Live, but I can't get all the songs because I don't have access to xbox live. What sould I do? maybe someone here has a link for the download of the game (that includes the DLC with all the 400 songs) or link only for the DLC itself?.. thank you
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