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  1. Yep, found it. It worked. Thanks!
  2. Yeah, you were right, swizzy. Thanks a lot! I redownloaded all the files into a new folder and used that. Everything went okay except now my avatar's missing. Can you help with that?
  3. Please help! every time I try to build the updflash.bin file, I keep getting this error. Below is part of the output log: Using xell-reloaded for Glitch hack ERROR: Copying of xell-reloaded FAILED Including dashlaunch... Done! Including custom dashlaunch settings (launch.ini)... Done! Copying nand to data directory, this may take a while... Done! Checking if SMC is Glitch or Retail... Dumping current SMC... Done! Checking SMC... SMC is Glitch patched! it will be used the way it is... Disabling FCRT.bin check... ERROR: There was one or more fatal errors: 1 errors during the build process Cleaning data and temporary directories... Done! ****** The app has now finished! ****** P.S. I'm a noob!
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