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  1. I'm looking for players who play D3 RoS regularly and want to play with me please PM
  2. firedaxter

    indie games

    Maybe yes but I hope it isnt true
  3. firedaxter

    indie games

    I have been finding for a long time and I havnt found it.
  4. firedaxter

    indie games

    its bad information for me
  5. firedaxter

    indie games

    Why only indie games? When you can download and upload other games why no indie?
  6. firedaxter

    indie games

    I dont have retail console and I know that it downloads updated game which is bad for me because its problem find latest version on internet. If you know how to find it help me. Or can you ask someone who has thats game and then send me it? I'll be very thankful.
  7. firedaxter

    indie games

    Rerail console? I have read that when indie games have new update and you are on live you get request to update.
  8. firedaxter

    indie games

    Can I ask how to update indie games on RGH? I have read that for update them you need be on xbox live which on RGH isnt able and then I need know if there is any other way to update. For example I have Castle Miner Z but only version 1.4.4 and I know that it isnt latest. Thanks for help.
  9. I set dns server manualy to 8888 and 8844 and everythings works
  10. So I have problem with reservation. When I have turned on xbox in dhcp table I saw xbox mac and ip address but I dont know how to reserve it because I have seen all using green tp link and I have orange and it have less opportunities. Ok I saved xbox mac and ip to dhcp table and tomorow I check if it works. If not I'll try manualy and and then I'll write what happened.
  11. I think that problem is with my connection but I dont know why I can create a game ant it works very good and when I join always it write connection interrupted. Problem is that I have only COD and Diablo with system link and in diablo is still 0 players. Is there any way how to optimize internet connection on xbox? I read that I should use dns and
  12. Ok, finaly I made new account and verify but now everything is pass but upnp is failed. And when I tried COD BO2 and I joined ti wrote connection interrupted.
  13. I tried more emails and gmail as well and nothing came.
  14. No. I was cheching it if it came but nothing. Please resend me verificatiom email or verify me because I want to use system link and it doesnt work without unity access. How I said usermame is daxter22
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