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    Xell not working

    I'm not trying to use the ntfs at all with the xbox, it's there for purposes unrelated to the xbox. I'm only concerned for the FAT32 partition I've been using to run games for over a year now. Forgot to add that I tested to run an elf file with a borrowed USB stick and worked great with the XellReloaded (eject) but had the same issue in Aurora/FSD.
  2. Tekasoda

    Xell not working

    Hello guys I'm back after so long with an old problem I still got. My Xell is not working correctly when I execute any elf files via Aurora/FSD, as soon it loads the files the screen only shows as if there were no cables connected to it and the Xbox360 is still on, I've tried using both AV and HDMI and the problem occurs in both. Loading it via XellReloaded (eject button method) works fine with no issues most of the time. I'm refering to it as "XellReloaded" because that's what shows up when I use that method. The reason I'm trying to run this via Aurora/FSD it's because I don't have a USB as mine broke and my External HDD has 2 partitions (NTFS and FAT32, the second one existing only for games) and XellReloaded (eject) stucks at "fat Mount". What I'm trying to ask here is if there's a way to update Xell on my console to run via Aurora/FSD or to make XellReloaded (eject) to load my External HDD. My console is a Slim Corona 4GB with RGH. Kernel 17502, FSD 3 Aurora 0.6b, Xell version is 0.993-git-7466b6d 2013-08-27 Special Corona Compatible Xell Version. Thanks in advance for any helpful response and sorry for my broken english.
  3. Well it worked fine loading from boot. Only problem is loading from aurora but at least it works Thanks swizz
  4. v 0.0.2 lastest one I could find Edit: Found 0.0.4 after writing this and it shows xmplayer loading screen, but it stuck there. And when I load from ejec booting it doesn't recognize it since it just stays at xell reloaded screen forever.
  5. Dat typo.. Sorry it is already on 0.993 and having those problems. If it helps I'm trying to run psx emulator and xmplayer. Both having the same error
  6. So, Xell launcher does not work. Basically It doesn't matter if I run it either by booting with eject button or Aurora, it just load for a second then screen goes black and the xbox is unresponsive. When loading from eject booting it loads the launcher then it goes black, in Aurora it just goes black and freezes even when loading elf files from File Manager. I'm using a 4GB Corona Slim with xell launcher v0.933
  7. So here's the deal: I was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops and it freezes out of the blue, so I restart the xbox (not the first time it happens) then it just won't boot and change the power middle button to red after 5-10 secs. No Jtag/RGH only flashed drive, can't remember kernel version. Picture showing the error light.
  8. Hey guys I got a new problem so far. I try to update Far cry 4 with any TU (from 1 to 8) and it gives me the same Incompatible version error over and over. I have 4G RGH slim Corona xbox already on lastest dashboard, If it's needed the Media ID is 08BF0610. Thanks in advance!
  9. Tried what you said and it worked thanks I was just too scared to inject it again (some 3DS homebrew things made me cautious with these things). Sorry for the long reply (blame university).
  10. My bad! I meant if I need to create a new kernel update in Xebuild GUI based on the actual update or if I can inject the same kernel with the change in the fcrt.bin.
  11. Sorry for the annoyance I need to make a new nand with fcrt.bin disabled based on new one? It can be the same kernel version?
  12. I followed the guide step by step (I double checked every step) but oh well. Any way to fix that?
  13. Hey guys I got myself a problem when updating the dashboard. Making it short I updated my RGH xbox to 17489 kernel and it stopped reading game disks, but I can still play them via external USB. There's any way I can downgrade it to the old kernel I had? (I have the nand.bin file) or make it read game via disk again? BTW my xbox is a Slim 4GB corona one. *sorry for bad english*
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