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  1. 1- i searched , found nothing , so i posted here that's all maybe i should've looked more andmaybe not cuz this was faster and better 2- I was looking for someone to develop an os where he uses stealth servers to play all games online 3- agree to disagree at this point Thx for ur help no need for more replies to this topic you can close it
  2. 1- I meant on this forum + I couldn't find an answer using google just tutorials and ... 2- So who are the launchers of aurora and are the creators of the next release (Nova or Aurora 0.6) ? and how can i contact gligli and tiros ?? 3- That's isn't logic bro, I can't believe that you pay for games you can play the same for free knowing that it won't change anything for you because even the developpers doesn't care anymore about our console
  3. 1- I'm actually the first one to mention this topic (the use of stealth servers) at all your forums so stop saying I should use the search cuz i did and found nothing 2- I thought you launched the jtag/rghsystem because you wanted gamers to play for free 3- Now i just don't get the reason why if you want us to buy our games what the is the reason to jtag our consoles ??
  4. won't answer a little bitch ps: at least i look better than u lol u'r afraid to put a real selfie of ur ugly face but u know i bet that hand looks a lot better . Sry guys he or she started
  5. sorry i didn't mean TThe RMS i only meant felida and static ... because they start insulting which madi it clear they are stupid guys who doesn't even know how to express an opinon without insulting and mocking the pêrson with an opposite idea sorry dr. gonzo Please dont perform double or multipostings. If you want add more informations, please edit your last Postings ! Dr.Gonzo
  6. This is the answer i was looking for you actually made me change my mind, now knowing about the cheaters, i actually prefer your system link than playing with annoying cheaters . Thx bro However for all other stupid ass****s who started insulting me because of a question try to respect others and inform them about what they don't know, instead of insulting like ass****s (felida and other f***er static ...) so you two go find a psychic and grow up little bi****s
  7. There is no logic in what they're all saying , so they moded a console so most of normal jtag users "not the stupid ones" play all the games want for free, which only means that every thing they 'the good hackeres" did is absolutely illegal, then they decided to stop there and pay money to play some games (they were able to play for free) and decided to patch something called link to play one or two online multipayer games with 2 jundred when they are able to play them with 2 millon ppl . WHAT LOGIC ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT ???? And do not tell me it's cuz it's not human and we should support the developpers knowing that there are no futur releases for the xbox 360
  8. So playing all games offline or using link without paying is legal, but playing online is illegal ???I don't understand you at this point However i only wanted to post this here because i thought you were hackers! but i guess you're just afraid about that"ban hammer" or ...
  9. So it works? it is possible right ? But you're saying that this is illegal however all the jtag system is also illegal so why don't you get users what they all want the possibility to play online games whithout paying. You gave us the possibility to play all xbox 360 games for free additioned to some multplayer games over the link so why won't you support this and accomplish the dream of all jtag users ??
  10. SO i've been looking for a way to play gta v , battlefield , titanfall.. and even call of duty black ops 2 online multplayer over the xbox live , the official servers of every game without paying for xboxgold and all that shit, using of course my xbox jtag so i just found this post and then more searching on ways to not gettin banned i found this . (tHERE ARE BYPASSES OF GTA V , BATTLEFIELD ..) i also lwatched lots of tutorials , gameplays and all and there are actually lots of people playing gta online, bo2, .. over the xbox live using an xbox jtag so i'm asking if that was possible even if i'm risking to get banned. And if the creaters of aurora could actually make it possible for jtag users to play over the xbox live using this post in their next release ;aurora 0.6b or nova... ?? We dont support any kind of Xbox Live Stealth Services. Links deleted ! Dr.Gonzo.
  11. Will we ever get the chance to play its multiplayer on the xbox 360 Jtag ?
  12. About battlefield , Will we get the chance to play its multiplayer on the jtag xbox 360 ??
  13. Hey ! Just want ask you about Nova if you're still working on it and if yes, When will itbe released . Then about Battlefield 4 if you will get it working on a system link like call of duty multiplayer ??
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