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  1. So how do I prevent it from showing up when booting up the Xbox or launching aurora ???????
  2. what are translations and where are they so i can delete them ?
  3. hello friends . am having a bit of a problem with my xbox . now when i boot it up it show a bad string error on the xbox logo to get past the error i have to press the home button and go to system settings . and when i go to xex menu and try to launch aurora it shows the bad string error again . i dont know what it is and how to fix it so can anyone out there help me .
  4. hi guys am having problem playing bo2 on system link every time i try to join a game it says error unable to join game . can anyone help
  5. help icant solve my problem am trying to play on system link and when i try to login with my unity account on my computer it says login to jqe360 i reseted my password 6 times still nothing . and i cant request the api key from the consol either all dashlaunch settings are correct . what do i do
  6. can anybody please make a god of war skin . thnx
  7. Hello . I recently moved to using aurora 0.5 and am just getting the hang of it , and then suddenly it starts freezing after about 15 min of browsing through it (aurora) . Can anyone help .
  8. oh ok thnx i managed to solve it . thank you swizzy and dr.gonzo for your help i really appreciate it .
  9. Hey guys i was trying so hard to fix the damn xbox but i couldnt figure it out . When i pluged a usb stick before the dashboard update it will ask me to configure it but now after the dashboard update (17052) when i plug a usb stick it shoes the usb like it was all ready configured but when i plug the usb into the pc and run horizon the usb doesnt show up . I think the problem is when i checked fcrt.bin in xebuild when i was trying to update the dashboard . Can anyone help to fix this because i cant put xex menu in the xbox (i deleted it because i started crashing) .
  10. i tried but it didnt work without xex menu am screwed .
  11. here is what i did : i update the dashboard using xebuild and i enabled fcrt patch i know that that was the reason the dvd wont work so i tried to re update the dashboard and not checking the fcrt patch but the xexmenu crashed i deleted it and tried to reinstall it so i pluged in my usb into the xbox and went to storage but the xbox doesnt tell me to configure the usb it just shows the usb as an already configured storage device . so i pluged the usb back in the computer and launched horizon but horizon didnt detect the usb . so that is what i did . please help
  12. OK thank you I updated the dashboard to 17502 . So I guess I should install the system update now I hope it works. Thnx swizzy . I just iserted the kinect adventures disk and now it says unrecognized disk with the status code: 03-80-00 I think its because I enabled the fcrt.bin check in xebuild when I update the dashboard. I just messed up the rgh . the DVD isn't playing the original games instead it is just playing games that didn't work before the update I was trying to get xex menu to work but it just says fatal crash intercepted. So I deleted it and tried to read install it but it won't work.
  13. I can't see nothing. Just walk me through how to change c-corona to c-corona 4G in xebuild. Sorry for being a total noob
  14. No I haven't can you give me the link to the tutorial
  15. its ok i fixed it . but when i dump the nand and do the update with xebuild and copy the udpflash into the usb and i write udpflash to nand it says that the udpflash is smaller than the flash and the xbox shuts down .
  16. But mine just shows costume it doesn't show any dashboard versions.I have xebuild GUI v2.094
  17. Hey. I have a corona 4G freeboot glitch 2 when I open the name it says unable to determine dump size I checked a thread at homebrew which you said was fine . The problem is with the dashboard version it says costume when I type a dashboard version it says required dash files not found.
  18. OK , can you give me the link the the 17502 update ,
  19. Ok so i just update the kernel to the latest version using xebuild and the kinect and avatar date should be back ????
  20. ok so i tried witg memory card and the update shows up when i click ok it says extracting but it stops halfway and this message shows up saying "cant process the update.if the problem persists . Go to www.xbox.com/support Status Code : 42FE-0000-3000-0913-8007-045D
  21. Ok here are the steps i followed : i grabbed a usb stick (FAT32) placed the update (17150) the same version as my kernal on and made another copie of it and named them $SystemUpdate and $$ystemUpdate after that i plugged the kinect and pluged the usb and booted the xbox and nothing shows up after that i went to dashlaunched v3.14 and disabled noupdater and saved it to launch.ini and restarted the xbox and nothing i tried anathor usb and also no luck i tried launching a game also nothing . What should i do next ??
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