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  1. i can login on the PC, i activated my account and write the password carrectly
  2. wifi conection, try conce by wired conection to see if the problem on the wifi but in bothe ways get the "api key error" messege
  3. the isp dont block my console and my consoles networking setup to automatic
  4. hii The xhttp is enabled, I open anouther user and still get the error api key messege and my test result is
  5. please respon(′~`)
  6. changed my password to an easy one, changed my dns to primary and secondary and still get the "api key error" message
  7. hello Dr.Gonzo I disabled Livestrong on my dashlunch setting and still get the "api key error" message
  8. hello my aurora 0.5b doesn't connect to xboxunity server I always get the same error message "api key error" I have already changed my password few times and reset the apikey I even opened another account (efl and elay12) I deleted the lunch.ini and reboot my console att error message and dashlunch setting photos please respond
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