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  1. Well it's really difficult to find. Give me a link of website or something.
  2. Well BaseVersion don't match with mine's. So what I need to do?
  3. Well I tried it and just opened original dashboard and no yellows ! Maybe I should download next game version
  4. Well TU is for my game version, but where i can get NXE or it's already installed in my console?
  5. Well I tried this... nothing changed, maybe I have just ftp but not replace TU?
  6. Thanks I'll try it when I back from school
  7. Well tried that but i don't know TU's folder. P.S Yes it's only for AW
  8. My xbox it's connecyed to internet and mediaID match with mine's I tried to clear TU'S and download again and still nothing. P.S I'm using Aurora 0,5b and xhttp is enabled on dashlaunch I think i have delete story mode or rewrite game. But I haven't checked baseversion maybe there is problem. (Sorry for my english again.)
  9. Hello I've a problem with COD:AW TU's. I can't download it from my xbox using unity marketplace and pushing em. How to fix that? (Sorry for my english.)
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