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  1. Yeah I know, but the file downloaded as a .zip, so I was assuming at that point that it was stored like that on the server and I need a special app or something to open it :-)


    Edge was my only browser to download the file with no extension

  2. Your reply wasn't really helpful (sorry :) ), but it helped me to think in another direction.


    I tried downloading the file in Edge, and it seemed to have worked (i think).  I'm using Firefox as my default browser and for some reason it added a ".zip" extension at the back for no reason.  Strange.


    Will load it on my Xbox later and hope it'll solve my issues

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  3. Hey guys,

    I'm in need to download Rocksmith 2014 title update in hoping it'll fix my crashing issues.

    It seems that all the archives seem to be damaged that I am trying to download from the site.

    Any ideas?  I'm using WinRAR to open the archives, it has never failed me before.

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