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  1. jtag unity link shutting xbox 360 down,anybody else ?

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    2. FeArCxDxGx


      Your welcome friend

    3. Enek8


      I have the same issue though I turned off the RSS Feeds still not working. It keeps shuttting down my xbox. Can you get me a hand Ektor Baz please?

    4. FeArCxDxGx


      Try to disable the RSS Feed and UPnP box and restart the console. Greetings

  2. hi guys i am also having a problem with getting this game going,got it as far as saying it has extra content available but needs title update to work but cant seem to install it,tried fsd but it does'nt support TU anymore,tried aurora but update does'nt come up when refreshed (probably because its the century edition) tried installing the TU from disk 1 all over like in cache,0000000002 etc and it shows as TU7 in aurora but no TU in system link so obviously not installed. any help would be appreciated. thanks ian.
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