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  1. I hosting in my own room right now! 100/10 mbit/s internet TU6
  2. Hi guys! First off! Thanks huge for LiNK you guys are great i've been playing it since 2014! Mostly COD BO2, but i have a few questions since this thread errupted! 1: I live in Sweden and very often when i join game i seem to have trouble too connecting with other users i got droppet out or it's lagging so much i really cant enjoy playing! When i hosting everything works fine from exept a few timeouts but they all join game again and it's fine. This have been for as long i can remember, is this b'couse i live in sweden (far away from every other country)? Or do you altso have this problem? 2: I will soon buy another xbox 360 for a friend so we can play together just him and me in Link. Will problem 1. be solved since we both live in same country, Or should i count that connetction be laggy and disconnetions will occur just like problem1? 3: I recon some games works better than others in Link servers? Are this just my imagination or is it infact so that COD and HALO works much better then for instance Unreal tournament 3? (witch by the way are so hopless to play in systemlink over Link servers, since i not once have been able to play this against other players) Thanks so much for answers and good service!
  3. I'm not ungreatful or anything but... Why does not more players play on LiNK servers? It's lots of games that you can play and only like 400+ players online and 95% of people play COD BO2 and 75% of them is cheaters? where the fun of that? There must be more than 400+ JTAG/RGH consoles out there? If it wern't for all those hackers that cheat at games it would be more players in LiNK i think? At least i don't think it's very funny when i would like to play a game (COD BO2 is like the only game available) and when I host my own game cheaters come around and destroys all the fun of the games. That makes me whana leave LiNK service and if not mayb we would have 10.000+ players today? I think it's great a service like LiNK was provided, but it's such a shame that so many destroys the games with cheats and unbalance among the games (95% COD BO 2 Players)
  4. Hi. I messed up badly i had the same problem as this guy: http://www.se7ensins.com/forums/threads/cant-disable-live-block-or-live-strong.1388114/ and i tried this tip : "Check in your flash directory if there is a launch.ini file there. If there is, delete it." Now i cant go inside dashlaunch at all just black screen after i deleted the launch.ini in flash directory. I altso cant enter Simple NAND flasher as well and i don't know if anymore systems is affected. How can i fix this and what did i deleted? Please help. I tried to copy the launch.ini file that i have in my HDD1 directory but it fails. update: i cannot even enter anygames... no .xex files no longer work =( Please help me my xbox360 means so much to me... I have corona motheboard and RGH. I've solved it. I tried to install two .xex's first was xbdm.xex and the second was infernus.xex. I wanted to go live for the first time so i tried but i failed to connect to internet via xbox dashboard i read forum about DNS i have to change liveblck in dashlaunch. So i did but it keept geting back after restart. Problem solved by moving both this xex's from HDD root to USB random folder. I now need help setting up this xex's and can someone explain exactly what xbdm.xex does? links will be fine with tutorial if it can be found i can follow them But would be nice if someone could explain what I did wrong?
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