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  1. Well, i have all DLC working, atleast i think so. I have four DLC and eight new maps. Funny thing is i have everything now as i first had it when it didn't work. DLC unlocked with XM360 and contpatch disabled. I haven't deleted old DLC's like suggested in the other thread either. Something fishy is going on for sure, maybe it is as suggested on other forums that TU10 is buggy.
  2. ...Unless i have the wrong DLC for my version, i have to get 360 content manager! Thanks for helping!
  3. I had Freestyle to dl the TU so it has to be the right one, The DLC is also in the right folder.
  4. Appaerently there seem to be some problem with TU10 and DLC's. DLC's been gone for some people after change from TU9 to TU10.
  5. I have to try that next, but i taught Yaris and XM360 did exactly the same thing. Didn't you mean contpatch should be enabled? Anyway, i have tried both.
  6. Now i know for certaing i'm doing something wrong with Modio, i tried to change my profile and console ID of another game's DLC that's been working, with the result it stopped working! I just don't know what.
  7. I usually use XM360d for unlocking my DLC and XBLA but since that didn't work for the BO2 DLC i tried to use Modio to replace the Profile ID and Device ID of the DLC with my own ID's that i got from my profile. No matter what, the game won't pick them up. When i'm trying to select maps in system link i only get the standard maps. I know i have the DLC in the right place, (0000000000000000/415608C3/00000002/). I'm a noob on Modio so is there something i left out or overlooked?
  8. I don't remember the correct path but search for the screenshots in a folder named after the game's title id. The folder is somewhere inside the Freestyle dash folder.
  9. The file extension is .GBA, thus it's a GBA file. Change your explorer preferences to show file extensions and you'll get it. If that's not still clear enough, yes, they will work.
  10. I have two falcons, one Jasper and one Xenon, bought second hand and jtaged over three years ago. They have all worked without any problems. I did the clamp2bolt fix on all of them, i know some say it's worse than just leaving the clamps but i think you have to be very precise when doing the measurments with the washers.
  11. In Freestyle Dash, you have to set the paths where it search for your games, apps, emulators and everything.
  12. Ah, okay. For my jtags i have added sata and 12v powerwires to the outside of the xbox so i can use 2TB hdd's.
  13. MinerWilly

    Xenon 360

    No need for a dvd drive in a jtaged console. In three of my four jtags i have removed the dvd drives to get bigger heatsinks on the GPU.
  14. Then there´s a problem with your connection. To have the xbox to automatically dl covers you need to have an account at JQE, maybe you you need an account for TU's too?
  15. I might be wrong, but doesn't gamesaves,DLC and TU's require internal hd? In that case 20gb won't get you nowhere.
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