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  1. Wow, looks fantastic, nice and simple. Can wait for release!
  2. Hi guys, i need help with resolution. I installed emulator, but when i start game i've got bad resolution not full screen, look: How to solve this? I am using Aurora dash. Thanx.
  3. I cant find liveblock, to be precise, cant find dashlaunch anywhere? I have aurora 0,5. Should i install dashlaunch? EDIT: Founded, working everything.
  4. Where to enable liveblock? EDIT: found it. In file launch.ini it alreay says liveblock = true. I found on site unity 4 updates?
  5. Hey guys. I bought again 360 with rgh aurora dash (i had couple years ago lt 3.0) and i am new in world of rgh. I want to update my pes 16, and i found this: Q: How do I install title updates straight through the XBOX? A: First things first, you need to have your XBOX connected to te Internet. You need to register on XboxUnity.com and connect to the created profile in the XBOX dashboard menu (click the Start button on your joypad and scroll to "Unity"). I read that rgh consoles must not go on internet? But now i see it can. How to do this? To download TU directly from xbox 360 and i found how and i create account on 360 and on xbox unity, but how to connect my xbox to internet so i could have TU updates? I dont see settings in aurora? Thanx.
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