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  1. Make a new id on jqe360? and redownload the covers?
  2. When making an updating nand with XeBuild GUI there is a box with //-Disable FCRT.bin check// check this box(tick) then Generate hacked image(I thnk this option is only for slim) DVD rom works fine after this. ^If THAT doesn't work..
  3. Brilliant! EAIFNEJ Can't wait to download :')
  4. Toto4551

    Payday 2 LiNK

    and Minecraft :
  5. That would be epic. I'd be able to kick people off my xbox when I'm in another room :'
  6. Re install the game. And update it.
  7. Toto4551

    2 Question 1 is help

    Yup. Games that have no system link/lan support won't work. Any Fifa game, Bf, Minecraft etc.
  8. HOW can you not?Does the game crash? Does the game not start? Or what? Can you elaborate?
  9. You're better off just posting in the thread on Pakgamers tbh.Anyyways DoritoToto4551IslamabadBlack ops 2, Mw3, Any Halo. Borderlands 1
  10. So let's decide on a game... Black ops 2 zombies, World at war, Cod 4, Ghost recon future soldier? Or anything else?
  11. I deleted World at war a while before reading this post :/Sooo Call of duty 4 instead? Dorito here btw
  12. Connect them to the same network, And host a game through Lan/system link
  13. Actually, it is possible to *Make* an internall hdd after a fashion http://digiex.net/guides-reviews/console-guides/xbox-360-guides/3152-how-hack-250gb-320gb-sata-drive-work-xbox-360-xbox-360-slim.html
  14. hi are you play this game not play this game or not in future play this game fighting game fun game. Sorry I mean, Transfer the God game folder to Content/0000000000000000 on the partition one of your xbox's internal hdd For example, if the game is Black ops 2, transfer the god folder, in this case, 415608C3, into the Content/0000000000000000 folder in the internal hdd. So after transfering it will be like this: Content/0000000000000000/415608C3 (16 zeroes)
  15. It's not editing, sorry for the double post. Yes, it should work through the nxe dash
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