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  1. Game: LEGO Dimensions

    TitleID: 5752084B

    MediaID: 72B1DD2A

    BaseVersion: 00000003

    Version: Latest (after TU11)



    Is there any kind soul out there who can extract the latest title update for LEGO Dimensions for the latest wave 6 packs?

    I got a RGH Xbox 360 so I cannot connect to Xbox Live server to get the update. I have bought some wave 6 packs for my son but he now can't use them to play the latest levels.



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  2. Hi all,

    I have the same glitch as Xm3300 experienced.

    I got stuck in a black screen after I completed the last mission in the Ultron chapter. Title Update 1 and DLC installed. I converted the iso into GOD format and loaded it on the internal HDD.

    Any solution out there? Game bug or bad dump?

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