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  1. Thanks again for your answer and to follow this topic ! And even for your whole job about xbox 360 which is very helpful Yes my modem have been restarded many times to solve opening ports issues... And unfortunately, I have especially checked for a couple of games that there were some updates available on xboxunity portal and I wasn't able to see them in aurora. I really does not understand why this has been working at a time and does not anymore (I tested my account and it is still alive, I renew my API key...). Moreover, download of covers and other stuff is still working, except TUs. I though about a dashboard version issue but I read in your post that kernel 17489 update, also updates dashboard if we follow your tutorial, which is what I did. If you think about anything else I should test, I would be very grateful !
  2. Thanks for your replies. If Aurora 5b is the lastest version, I get it. I have had this issue at least for two months and I did not find any information about users with the same problem over the web, so I assume the problem is on my side but I could be wrong...
  3. I pretty new to RGH and xbox, and there are something I still do not understand very well. Since someone has glitched my xbox360 slim, i already had to update from FSD to Aurora and then update kernel ! The first one was to download TUs and the second because I wanted to play psychonauts (but it still crash). During the update (Swizzy tutorial), I got one problem when Xell still boot but not the normal dashboard. It was the badblocks problem and it has worked after I followed the different steps and flashed my Nand again As a result, I have been able to download TUs for a while but now, I'm unable to see them anymore ! If I try a refresh, in the dedicated windows for game, nothing appear though I can find some updates on xboxunity. I tried to generate a new API key, but it is still not working. What should I try to solve this problem ? Should I have to try to come back to my old Nand ?
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