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  1. I logged in after a while aand I see the dark theme in no more :/
  2. Test it out, thanks. It will most likely be my last edit, I have no time
  3. All credit goes to ​mrknorton, so far your edit looks great
  4. Thanks so much for this Zack, I don't know if I'll have the time to do it
  5. Sorry about that, I don't use FTP, but it works correctly with the ++ in Aurora
  6. Oh I just saw it. The transparency I made to some other layers are used in the 'Add New Path', it's gonna be a while before I find and create a new layer that doesn't conflict, in the meanwhile switch to the default skin, add your Path and then Switch back to SteamOS++
  7. I am currently using this skin, it's the same as the transparent one; only the loading screen has changed to white: SteamOS++Transparent.xzp
  8. What do you mean: "overwrite only the freestyleplugin.xex". Do I overwrite GameInfoScene.xur / HomeTabSignedIn.xur OR HudUiSkinCustom.xur? This is V2: HudScene_AuroraGlowVersion_begal.rar Right? ​ ​EDIT. mrknorton ​Replace GameInfoScene.xur and you'll get it, thank you zil0484
  9. Thanks for this, but I still need to know why the Game Names are disappearing when I change any colour. Also there are two colours, another for clicking on an icon.
  10. Well it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be, the second green looks like it will match with the theme. The first green is a little too dark... I haven't tested it as yet so please try it and tell me, thanks! EDIT. I just tried it and everything looks good except for the major problem of the game names not showing up . I'll fix it ASAP
  11. I have TU4 active, it shows on screen as 1.03... But the DLC1 and DLC2 aren't showing up no matter what. I'm also trying to get these cutom DLCs to work but they need the main ones to be active before they can work: http://www.pesoccerworld.com/foro/viewtopic.php?f=468&t=129589 , I rehashed everything to my account ID but I don't know... EDIT. Okay, I got it to work, though I don't what exactly did it... First I created my own DpFileList with "[XBOX 360] PES 2016 DpFileList Generator" and then chose all the DLCs, then I injected each DLC separately in the order I chose(one by one); each one with Zero IDs.
  12. Last question, i promise. I'm definitely not going to remove everything and reformat it for the 4th time... I'll just get a new hdd but if I do create a partition, would the xbox detect and only format that to xtaf? leaving the Fat32 partition intact?
  13. I guess I'm going to have to put it in, if I put it in, do the install and then use it as again as an external, would it still be there? (I tried playing while it was inside and it was working slow and heating up). I see some games have to have the data installed, Rise of the Tomb Raider keeps on getting 'Fatal crash intercepted' and I saw in another thread where JPizzle told the OP to install the data...
  14. So Swizzy is it possible to copy the files directly to the hdd? The problem I'm facing is most likely due to the fact that with this new motherboard, there is no internal storage and the only storage I have is the external hdd.
  15. I was just going to ask this, if the update doesn't need to be patched with a serial/cpu key, isn't there a way to manually put the data on the drive?
  16. I'm at my wits end, I downloaded from gxarena, matched the checksums, but still the same...
  17. I got it from homebrew-connection, could it be what @superted76 said, with regards to bad blocks on the hdd?
  18. EDIT. I fixed it, it now shows correctly.
  19. The kernel is on 17489, I saw. And the update isn't installed because when I connect my kinect it asks for an update and the avatar is grey. I'll try it on a third flash drive
  20. Still the same... nothing happens
  21. I tried it just now, the game just launches(with both $SystemUpdate and $$ystemUpdate folders)
  22. The kernel is updated to 17489, I'm talking about the Avatar/kinect update($SystemUpdate) This isn't showing: I've done this numerous time before on a corona but I wouldn't think it's any different. I saw this on homebrew-connection: Common Errors/Problems: Don't get request to install update when trying to install Avatar/Kinect stuff You MUST have a storage device connected to your console to store this part of the update on, that's why you have to do it manually, it cannot be included in the nand because it's to big... 100+MB of data don't fit within a 16MB flash
  23. My kernel is on 17489 but the update isn't showing up at all. I put it on the root of multiple flash drives(renamed to $$ystemUpdate and tried it on all 5 ports), put it on my external hdd, tried it without the external connected, without the kinect connected, I've done this before but now it just won't show up. Does it need an account to signed in? Because my account is on my external.
  24. Hi guys. I slightly edited mrknorton's SteamOS skin to my liking and thought it would be nice to share it. I made the bottom panels transparent, changed the loading screen and the font to SFNS (I feel it's better looking than SegoeUI). I don't know if everyone would like this transparency, so for now it's a separate skin... I added a login notification, there is an alternative without it available, if it's not liked: (I added sound to the Login Notification but it got tiresome to hear after a while so I removed it.) ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I added a Phoenix themed version, for now it's only the Loading Screen and the login notification that's different. I also fixed some problems with the previous skin. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Check Here for a white loading screen version: http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=3058 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ 0.6b ___________________________________________________________________ If there are any changes or recommendations you want to see, please let me know, no promises but I'll try to do what I can. _____________________________________________ Credits: mrknorton; felida; TheSly; Team Phoenix _________________________ Changes: DOWNLOADS SteamOS++_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_noNotif.xzp SteamOS++.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_Transparent.xzp SteamOS++Transparent.xzp SteamOS++GREEN.xzp SteamOS++Phoenix_GREEN.xzp steamOS++(0.6b).xzp
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