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  1. All credits for optantic !!! Works perfectly on TU 5 Street Fighter All in One Trainer (SF2,SF3,SF4,SSF2HD,SSF4AE,USF4,SFxT)
  2. Eu gosto muito de um treinador para o Ultra Street Fighter IV que não trabalha TU 5. Eu não sei como produzir um. Meu amigo Felida pode produzi-lo? Obrigado!
  3. Thanks to everyone who dedicated their time and effort in another update of the panel Aurora !!!!! Here updated and working perfectly. Long live the Xbox 360 scene !!!!!!
  4. Thank you cmkn 1983 for the work. I always found the retroarch 360 a great emulator but the lack of screenshots games was very disturbing. Its version was marvelous.Ansious for more news! Thanks to everyone who keeps the Xbox 360 scene alive !!!!
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