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  1. Thanks I tried that but Xex Menu gives the same error, I also tried to use the ISO and got : "Disc unrecognized" , I tried via USB HDD and got the same error as above. when I went into System Settings --> Storage --> USB --> Demo xbox shows : File is corrupt.... so its not RGH'd is it ?
  2. Hi all, I have a new box I've used horizon to put the F3Installer (live) under :Demo, and when I try to launch it I receive this error : Xbox Stores : Can't launch F3Installer., its an RGH box (am not sure just bought it this way - if there's a way to check please let me know) with a stock Dashboard. I tried using the ISO and burn it on a CD and got a corrupt CD message as well. Any clue on how can I solve it ? also, how can I verify if my box is RGH cracked ? (its a black slim box). Many thanks for any answer !
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