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  1. Ok. Thanks for the ban on IRC ... Just had the problem with the client (kiwi irc -,-) I managed to find the "weather problem" with the api. But I need some help with starting all this together. Can anyone there help me with it? I mean... The procedure was like this: 1. I took the original FSD 3.0 rev 775 and decompress and decrypt it with xextool. 2. I found the issue with the weather - the link had v1 not v2 which I've already correct... 3. I compressed it and encrypt, have the file but i wonder if this can anyhow broke my console. So if anyone knows the safe method of starting this up (like... two dashes is safe or whatever else checked by you) - I'll boot it up, or send it to you. I'd like to also correct the TU and Covers like in the in the topic - I gave the idea how to make it (the details I can give on PM or even here if they are needed)... so lets make the new FSD ! :V
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