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  1. Its a disappointing product (with all the restrictions), but it would be interesting from security PoV how its going to work. Currently 3 OS give a lot more vectors of attack, but i suppose the Hypervisor will sit above them and everything even remotely related to security will be out of their reach. Though if a potential flaw is discovered x86 platform could result in much larger homebrew scene and potentially interesting projects with Kinect 2. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
  2. I don't know if anyone posted this, but if you try clicking Freestyle Home while you're in FSD you get Fatal Crash Intercepted. btw Does anyone else experience this problem: When i download the BO2 TU i get 4 updates - x2 v1, x1 v2, x1 v3 but no v4 (which is the latest and required). Is this a bug or just misplaced TU?
  3. ceckin

    DashLaunch 3.05

    There's no problem with Avatar Editor, you're turning fakelive ON and the Avatar Editor tries to communicate to a server that does not exist (if you turned liveblock ON). @banj0chicken If you have problems with SysLink - check if you enabled by mistake devlink patch/ping patch or maybe you have a corrupted file/TU.
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