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  1. psp info just for the record of psx "compression"
  2. you are talking about the .cso format which is almost outdated and i couldnt recommend to use it cause the .iso / .bin format runs much better at all. PSP ISO Compressor: Relinked Download another copression is to EBOOT (PSP) which can be done through - PSX2PSPv1.4.2 or - PsGUI300beta_0
  3. I really sometimes wonder about some moderators and there arguements about what theyve done or what decission they made. But in fact i dont care anymore about any ban if you think you should ban me cause that ive complained that anybody crashed a topic and a moderator felt free to answer that im quite ok with that. im too old for his shit ;-) i just have a look into this forum sometimes so i can look i dont need to post ...
  4. how about start you own topic with that question instead of crashing this. the topic is clearly related to pcsxr not any mame or some retroarch
  5. oh well i like that "show cue files" but in fact thats a setting which i wouldnt use i like clean game displays xD i would like to see some background changes or a setting to adjust the colour of this grey ;-) overall i like this top down menue with the screen on the right, if the menue is running fast top - down and down - top -> NICE! that credit line on the top should be reconsidered, sure the devs should be credited but that does not have to be the topline. put the emu name middled out and the other stuff mybe on a credit button? (just my guessing, i can live with it but it would look nicer). you may could implement a setting which make it possible to play a short ingame movie after X secs overlays the boxart. (to turn on/off) XD keep going on dude if you have something to test, just post i grab and test
  6. i can tell ya create you a windows 7 vm and install gadabama on that one. works best. please post complete error to this, which os you are using, which office installed/runtimes that anybody can help Download GaDaBaMa_3.2
  7. how to get the dev apps on the dev part ? ftp? you have some paper for that? cheers
  8. heres mine demo vid. showing first all emus working well (ive tested/decided to keep) and most of them full rom integrated. ending part is showing the newest psx 2.1.1a and ye i keep fsd3 cause its running very smooth for me;-) PCSXR 2.1.1a AntiFly <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/9BWqmTqFEHE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. AntiFly

    F3 crash

    could you tell me the response FSD will actually wait for? its just an response that could be delievered by a local httpd. in fact i dont believe somebody would patch it out of fsd and i dont have any clue to change things in in FSD, but i can build httpd for me. little php thing..
  10. cant work because its for the old (non packed) gui. the fix need to be implemented as "UseCrashTeamRacingFix = 0/1"
  11. AntiFly

    F3 crash

    there is even the method through gadabama which i am using since it is available and works pretty well (at least for me). but yea i would appreciate a fully local FSD last build version, because that would run really forever without logging errors or blocking in firewall ;D at with gadabama you will even be able to push new covers into, not that convinient as click and download but more effective and more beautifull cause u can put in what u like. for the record, i never have any fsd crashes at all since the last 2 years except this latest one causing of the bad internet calls (responses) of fsd.
  12. AntiFly

    F3 crash

    no its not. it is trully a FSD unhandled exception which caused by an bad response from the origin server. i guess the same get command is now used for new/different informations which will cause a overflow in FSD. three ways to proceed, 1. smd patch it out. this will no dev as they want you to get over to aurora. so just left is that anybody will bring an inofficial version... 2. block the link in your router/firewall. 3. you find out what would be the server response and emulate it in your network. ;-) i do not play with my jtag at all its just fun to get the emus/apps work. so i give a .... link will be the next what get changed or moved.. so just a matter of time.
  13. ive tested many of them on fsd3... ADAM360 ATARI800XL ATARI7800X PCE... and more working pretty nice hobby time waste ive never played them i just hadfun to test them
  14. AntiFly

    F3 crash

    i will never change to Aurora * FSD FOREVER *
  15. AntiFly

    F3 crash

    hey guys, i got same error with that, could anybody patch this connection out on a xex. i do not want to change to aurora. just want to keep it how it is. (its pretty nice with covers already customized) to much work to change... its on fsd3 775, even on a naked one.so this has to be a trully iplemented feature: LOG: 22:58:28.422|ScnUpdater|F9000000|ScnUpdater Initialized 22:58:28.422|AutoUpdater|F9000000|AutoUpdater Initialized 22:58:28.422|AutoUpdater|F9000000|URLPATH: http://update.jqe360.com/ 22:58:28.422|HTTPDownload|F9000000|Queue Size: 1 22:58:28.422|SkinManager|F9000000|SceneObjectMap- Scene Name: Settings_General, HXUIOBJ: 000110B2 ..... 22:58:30.651|Debug|F900002C|Unhandled exception occured... dumping log somebody patched the last time the cover downloading issue, this will be the same unless just patch it completely out please .../WORKAROUND! Block this "update.jqe360.com" in your Router! The HTTP 1item is still showing but no crash anymore... ATTENTION: This could affect Aurora (do this at your own risk), anyway anybody who is able to adding this to his/her router will understand that xD (i would appreciate it to be patched out but i can live with that) cheers
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