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  1. Excellent work cosmaty on getting the API Key v2 working. I've just tested a v2 key and it works great. Thanks a lot.
  2. So you did. Apologies. To be honest, it's been working pretty well for months now and I'd forgotten what you said about the host. Cheers.
  3. Thanks a lot for this Gualdimar. Been using it for a while now. I like the fact it doesn't filter all the non-matching Media ID TU's from view. It's especially handy for games that use disc 2 to boot (eg. Watch Dogs), where you have to grab one of the 'MID' labeled TU's. Weird thing is, about three weeks or so ago, cover downloading just seem to stop working for about a week, whereas the other modded version carried on working. Strange. I tried yours again today and it was working again, so I've gone back to your version. Cheers.
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