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  1. There's only one version from what I can see from complex and I always convert them myself and never get the jtag versions
  2. but i've redownloaded the game like 10 times now and i get the same error
  3. but i've put on 10+ new games since mgs 5 and all work perfectly it's 100% not a hdd problem
  4. Tried re downloading but same error plus why would my other 100+ games all work perfectly fine if the drive was curupted? MGS 5 is literally the only game that doesn't work
  5. my xbox has always been kept up to date with all the latest software and has always worked and loaded everything perfectly but i've started to have a few problems the first problem i noticed was the new mgs 5 wouldn't load i just keep getting 'fatal crash' every time i tried to load the game.. i tried loading a god version and an extracted version but same error i then moved an extracted version to a usb drive and the game will load and show me the main menu but after clicking start game and waiting for the loading screen to say 'press a to start game' (or w/e) it just goes to black the second problem is i can't get ANY dlc to work with cod black ops2 i did have the nuketown and the first dlc map pack working when they first came out (uprising?) but when i tried to add the others i keep getting a 'dlc corrupt' error when starting the game (game work fine just no dlc at all) i'm running: xbox 360: 250gb slim upgraded with 500gb drive dashboard/kernel: 2.0.16747 dashlaunch: v3.12 rev 548 fsd: v3.0b rev 755 and i've tried all the above games with and without the latest title updates with no luck i'm really lost for ideas here and would love some help
  6. You must of done something wrong... just replace the default.xzp file with the one you backed up (you made a backup right?) Or just get one from the fsd download etc
  7. i renamed homebrew to kinect games and emulators to other looks much better now
  8. 101 downloads and not a single thanks?
  9. can it be done? i'm sure there was a way but can't find it..
  10. anyone noticed the bug when using a combination of rb+start for the screenshot function? makes it so the rb doesn't work as it should..
  11. Meh not really my point as yes it's better then the non exhausting Microsoft version but the location could be a little better is all I'm sayingCould a get a reply from the admins/mods plz
  12. not really if there's 10+ it'll take a long time doing it that way
  13. wow what an annoyingly hard to find place to put them :/ can they just be stored in /screenshots?
  14. nope i don't see a folder called that although i do see an empty screenshots folder under plugins :/
  15. like the new screenshots function and have taken a few but i can't seem to find them on my hard drive.. where are they stored? thanks
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