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  1. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2gJoF-kovcLa1luYTBxZjZPaEk/view?usp=sharing the fix
  2. Hello guys please help changed hdd and now on fsd i can only get front covers not complete covers is there any fix to this please help
  3. Hi is there already an official release of xebuikd gui for 17502?
  4. hey guys i have this pc monitor with a dvi connector vga connector and something like an earphone connector.so i got this dvi to hdmi connector and i connected my xbox 360 on the screen and it worked fine but the monitor does not have a speaker i wish to ask if i connect an external speaker to the monitor will i get sound?cuz i kno dvi transmit only image and not sound
  5. Hello mates i got this ps3 on playing fifa it freezed and i switched him off and when i turned it back on it asked me to restore which i did and when it rebooted it asked me again and kept on asking so couldn't get to the xmb so i entered the recovery mode and tebuild database and still same do i have to reinstall cfw?
  6. yeah the last time it turned on i entered the recovery mode i rebuild the database i also reconstructed the files what i didnt do was check for update but now it wont turn any more
  7. still negative a took my friends psvita opened it up took the back with the battery put in mine switched on nothing plugged the charger it blinks orange twice took my battery and put in his vita it switched it on and all working so not my battery
  8. it wasnt cfw firmware from sony and i even opened it all diodes work i used a multimeter
  9. nopeit started after the update i did someone told me motherboard but dont think so since it usually boot sometimesz when it wants all was fine until he did the update it does come on alone it started being unstable after an update sometime i will turn it on it wont mayb e after weeks if i try it will turn on and when u put on charge it blinks orange twice then nothing again
  10. Hi guys i gat a psvita fat it got this prob it usually comes on when it wants some time it doesnt how do i fix it
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