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  1. Alright cool, 'll look into both of those programs, as well as the Dashlaunch settings. Cheers! EDIT: Yep, I used XeBuild to both update to the latest dash and run the region swap. Runs exactly how I wanted it to, thanks you two!
  2. Hi there! I've happily had my Slim set up and JTAG/RGH'ed for about five or six years now, but I've found frustratingly that Xbox 1 games will always run at 50Hz if they're NTSC. Some games don't have an issue but this mainly affects Halo CE, which I need to get running at 60Hz to prevent desyncs when I host LAN matches with some buddies. The Xbox 1 I have is also a PAL system, but I've successfully just set it to always run at NTSC video when possbile since TSOP flashing it, and I wish to do the same with the 360. It is region free, but it can be annoying when it runs 50Hz even on a PAL60 setting, and on both a composite and HDMI display that both support NTSC/60Hz. Is there a way I can force or switch the JTAG's software region? Would this require reinstalling a different region of the same dashboard, similar to changing regions on a Wii? I'm currently just running the stock standard (although I boot into Aurora) 360's ugly Metro dashboard, I don't plan on devkitting my retail unit any time. Cheers to anyone reading.
  3. Name: Need For Speed Carbon Type: Xbox Original TitleID: 4541009E (Separate title from Xbox 360 version)
  4. Has a simplistic look that I use for my Xbox 360. Two flavours so far. The original is plain black, but there is a second version that uses the green colour that Xbox One advertisements use. Feedback is appreciated! (If anybody's wondering, the sound effect used is the Playstation 2's disc launch animation, pitched down with reverb added. I will make a second version with a custom sound in the future.) xbox.wmv xboxgreen.wmv
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