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  1. Have corona 4gb with windbound rams .create xell with jrunner glitch2 cr4 , Installed matrix with muffin files and rol spins after 2 to 3 glitches everytime but no xell onscreen? Tried hdmi and component video . Have to try again but even scaned ip isn't working. Ideas?
  2. Close thread. Needed to use 15 ldv . Thanks
  3. Am using jrunner. I tried taking the NaND dump and selecting 17511 and 7 as ldv but won't boot ( checked some other trinity's nand dumps that were already at 17511 when nand was read and ldv was 7)
  4. do you mean rev d? for coronas? or do you have the addon crystal?
  5. need a hand creating stock nand after this screwup. basically have dual nand console.I made xebuild 17511 on both nands.both boot fine. wrote stock back to xbox nand and it was on 17502 . i had forgotten to update the box first b4 starting the whole process. now i updated stock nand via usb to 17511.update went fine and stock was booting but, rgh was no longer booting. Without thinking about it and re-reading new stock nand i wrote over the freshly updated stock nand with xebuild image to see if both would then boot. they did . now the original nanddump.bin wont obviously boot because the efuse is blown and it was from the earlier 17502 kernel . ive tried extracting kv.en, fcrt.en , smc config and using donor trinity smc to create stock nand without a nand dump but its not working. Was putting in 7 as ldv. not sure if im supposed to put in a cb? im sure im missing a step or two. any help with this would be greatly appreciated. just want to create a stock nand if even possible at this point.
  6. thankyou for the info man
  7. hello, love this community btw. just recently started this hobby of making my own rgh consoles ect. i have a question. how can i have launch ini boot into the normal 360 dash? just not sure where to point it to from dashlaunch settings
  8. was wondering what would be the best way to install a bigger internal hard drive and swap everything over on falcon rgh 1.2? currently have 120gb drive and is full.
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