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  1. By the way i noticed your ending date was 31st of June theres no such date. just if you didn't notice
  2. Little Graphic website which JQE could be, It has view options which can also be categorized by game, upload date, console type, view of images or have text with it. You would click the image to a click through link, to who downloaded it upload date etc. trending top 10 trending games. Search bar, to games etc. more page previews to be added of concept. http://marcburnett.com/JQE360-Re-branding-Project
  3. any help would be appreciated, from admin or who ever works on F3 or any help in general of to make my Live profile sign in onto Link, so i can actually use it within the game thanks.
  4. well i've tried making gamertag with spaces which works, as did a non live profile and when for some reason using my live one it just go's blank or it remembers the last profile that was signed in. it has 2 spaces in the gamertag. Is there a way to manually edit the gamertag in some sort of property's within the Freestyle folder which is preloaded each time because this is obviously saved somewhere? It's annoying that i cannot use my live profile anymore and that i want to play system link with doing campaign using my dual nand xbox. edit: it also does the same on my jtag.
  5. ok i've just read through the checklist and read about the gamertags why can't we use gamertags with spaces in anymore? it used to work for me and now i cannot use my live account on LiNK, i don't see how this should be a problem as this works with other programs and older updates from yous, also why has it now suddenly broken since this update? will you's also be fixing it any time soon or something i can do that doesn't involve me changing gamertag/account or using xlinkai / xbs thanks.
  6. i'm going home on friday i'll play then.
  7. Jpizzle do you have any files available of realmodscene/f3/LiNK's logo if it's possible? and if you could link me them? thanks.
  8. i'll upload something soon. would be good for portfolio..
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