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  1. I made an error, I was up to the 3rd input already on the passcode, Wasn't aware it began to do it, hence why I forgot what I did for the input. All good now , thanks guys for the quick replies.
  2. I Had 2 versions of Aurora in my HDD1, I switched "Default" path from Dashlaunch to the prior version, Then was able to delete the DB File in the new version. Switched the path in dashlaunch back to the latest version of Aurora.Rescanned Games and all is back to normal now.. You might want to have a warning prompt before making a password somehow, you can very easily create a password without even knowing until your halfway through the passcode without being able to cancel or delete process. Just something minor otherwise Aurora Is Numero Uno!!
  3. Ill try the ftp avenue 1st. I dont understand the lua script method?
  4. Are you sure you can edit or delete DB whilst it is actually running with it keycoded to not delete content? I tried on the xbox in aurora file manager, and I am unable to delete the DB file?
  5. Hi, It has been a while since I used my Xbox. I updated to the latest Aurora .6b all went well, I did notice all my covers somehow got wiped in the update (Which is ok) I accidently entered a passcode with my dpad for my "delete content" Now I do not know how to reset that passcode As I can't delete any files from the Aurora Folder. How Can I delete Everything and Start fresh to rescan all my external game hdds? Copy Aurora .6 to USB and movce it into my xbox 360, then point dashlaunch to the new folder location and rescan?
  6. With an already available online NES emulator and a $10 N64 Emulator available for xbox one. Im surprised no one has looked into getting xbone hacked via these. The emulator is able to load ROMS. If it could load roms then I dont see why it couldnt load other things? Just saying. .
  7. I figured it out, but I could only play XBLIG games off internal HDD. Is there any way they can be played off external HDD?
  8. I followed this guide but still get problems loading any games? They seem to quit 1 second after I see the XBOX INDIE screen? Also my question for "Do games work of external HDD?" has not been answered?
  9. Can XBLIG games be played off External HDD with Aurora? Either way can anyone help me and tell me which paths the TU Update goes in and the Games themselves? XBLIG Games on External Wont loaf from Aurora at all. When they're in the internal, I can get them to load. I see the XBOX INDIE screen for a second then I get a xbox cannot load error? I have enable AutoFake on with Dashlaunch and still get the same error?
  10. Fantastic. Thanks. Now let's hope they release more DLC as the game itself is great. Reminds me of Uncharted & Assassins Creed.
  11. Yep outfit unlocked now. What exactly does the Season pass do? Again thank you to everyone who has helped me and have a wonderful Christmas.
  12. YES MAN!! NICE.. It's working fine. How are you supposed to work out that path for the TU? Are all games similar? all TU's in go in \000B0000 after the games ID Folder? Or does it change depending on game? While were on topic of this game, Where does the Season Pass & DLC go? I see the DLC in Aurora but I don't think its working? I cannot see the extra costume in gasme when i go into campire and select different outfits?
  13. The file doesn't get deleted is always in its folder location. Regardless. I deleted it re put it in its correct path. Ran scan. Auto Rebooted after scan. Aurora found no tu. Game is still glitched?
  14. Tried that. It restarts after a scan. I tried autoscan on. No tu's are shown in aurora to enable. Game is still glitched?
  15. I chose Refresh with Blue button, but nothing shows up?
  16. I put it exactly like you said. And no luck. Aurora can't see it. Game is still bugged. Tu update is called tu0000003_00000000 [Rise of Tomb Raider Title Update] 307.8MB
  17. Sorry kinda new using TU's can you write the full path and ill try it soon I can't see the "/00B000/" folder anywhere, i created it and stored the TU in there and it didn't work. Is it supposed to show in TU Updates in Aurora if it's working?
  18. I have that exact one (370MB it is to be clear), and have tried others. But I want to confirm with others where exactly the update goes. Content\0000000000000000\ If that's where then it doesn't work. I am unable to enable it with Aurora as Aurora doesn't see the update?
  19. I can if you need one but its already on Youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y9WAwnRosnE Same one. I never discovered it during Story Mode, but in Freeplay mode after completing it/ now am stuck here, with no where to go. Backup your save game and go to the Soviet Facility Campsite in FREEPLAY and you will see the bug.
  20. Hi. Unfortunately I have come across a real bad bug in this game. Right near the soviet campfire there is a set of stairs you cannot climb down. The bug treats it as a floor. Therfore you're stuck cannot progress. I am aware you can load a backup save from the main menu but unfortunately its too far back into the game and I don't want to replay majority of the game again. I have read that latest TU update fixes the bug. But for the life of me I can't seem to get it to work? Title ID 53510823 Media ID 0A657B25 These are my ID's for the game. I have put the latest TU update in content/0000000000000000/ I have tried downloading TU update from Auroura but it never finds a download? Xboxunity doesn't seem to have a TU available for the game? The update is not visible in auroura for me to enable it? If anyone can help that would be great. Thanks
  21. I do not think it is useful to have kinect controls in Aurora. There is no need, even in FSD I never used the kinect controls. For what purpose were you thinking about using? For parties, so people can just swing their arms to choose a game? (Is that all?)
  22. Introduce a friggin' ban on people who ask. There's my 2 cents. 0.5 is fine in very happy with this. Any version after this is just bonus. Respect what these guys do for us by at least not asking when the next version will be out again. Actually maybe all that was 3cents worth lol
  23. No problem, just thought I'd ask. Thanks for replying.
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