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  1. Thanks for the update, looking forward to the new version... just like many others Keep up the good work ðŸ‘
  2. Is there an estimated release date yet or at least an update on the situation of the new version? ........ Before you say the usual 'when it's ready' - Swizzy ;-) I think we've all been really patient and it would be good and I'm sure we'd all appreciate it if you kept your eager followers in the loop. Cheers ðŸ‘
  3. Thanks lads (assuming you are :-) ) title updates etc are still there.... Thank goodness. Now let's get this extra 1tb filled :-D
  4. OK, thanks for all the replies. So Ive deleted the old scan path and added the new one (same path new drive) It's now started to download the game covers, does this mean I will have to download all the title updates again though? Will i lose all my save game data as well? :-(
  5. Can anyone please advise? I had a 1tb external USB hard drive and all was working well I had all the title updates, covers installed on it just fine. The hard drive was starting to get quite full so I've bought a 2tb external drive. So I formatted it with my 360, I then copied everything from the 1tb to the 2tb drive. Trouble is now when I plug the 2tb drive into my 360 I can see all the games etc but all the covers are dark and nothing will launch? What have a done wrong or what do I need to do to sort this out? Thanks
  6. I know it's off topic but where's the best place to get homebrew software? Never used it before and would like to give it a try.
  7. The scan path and depth settings works fine as it is for 99.9% of people. Why complicate things for the few who don't take the time to look at the settings properly?
  8. I never play online games anyway and also now having 2 rgh'd 360's i can't anyway....... But i constantly get asked by my little boy if he can play Minecraft online or connect to his friends would this enable him to do so in the future or is there already a way this could be achieved without my consoles getting banned or even worse un-rgh'd (if M$ can do that) ? Thanks for any pointers / help
  9. Cheers Swizzy as always very informative replies Think i'll give it a miss until i really need to update so newer games (if the 360 will be supported for much longer that is) will then work. Thanks
  10. I always get concerned (or should i say worried I'm going to mess something up ) when it comes to updating my dash, is there really any reason to do this update? What's the benefits and/or will it prevent me playing any future released games on my 360? Thanks
  11. Thanks for the update, at least now we've got some kind of idea that its imminent, rather than no idea at all. Looking forward to it
  12. Been watching this thread for months now and seen the constant questions when it will be released and all the replies saying 'when it's ready' 'stop asking' etc Everyone understands these things take time to create and we appreciate that the developers have lives other than Aurora but surely if an 'expected' release date/month was given then all these questions/responses would then stop. Just my thoughts. Keep up the great work ðŸ‘
  13. Any chance of a cover for Handball 16 that's the only one that won't load on my system? Thanks
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