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  1. Is there anyway to add Genre's to Xbox 1 games as they have none...? the field is there but not editable..?
  2. Ok thanks for the info, it was just because MP4's are alot smaller in size and take less room.
  3. I know the trailers downloaded are wmv, but if i add my own can they be mp4...?
  4. Is it possible to move games into different section ie it's put Walking Dead in 360 section and not XBLA, can I manualy change this.
  5. Thanks I checked and it was the firewall.
  6. Thankyou for your reply that helps me a lot...
  7. Having a problem connecting everytime I click Test Connection I get a Timed Out, Aurora is running I can connect via flashfxp, so I know the connection is there. Running windows 10
  8. Ok I've installed Aurora and was wondering if there was an option to display HDD Space, if not is this coming in a future release as I don't want to have to keep loading different apps to view this info. Also is there a way to view this from PC..?
  9. Not that I know off, but i'll check..
  10. I have the depth set to 5 and they are not zipped... it's puzzling I have checked the files in Content manager and they can be read, they also are showing in XM360 2.0d
  11. Ok I got some XBLA not showing, but other XBLA games in same folder are showing up. My XBLA is over 3 HD's 1 internal and 2 USB, all in content/0000000000000/ etc I am alive 58410B3A Kill Team 58410B52 From Dust 58410A91 And maybe a couple of others.. Is there a limit as I have 370 showing
  12. Ok i'm trying to remove a path most of the paths I remove are fine they just delete a bit of stuff, but this particular one Snes360 set to 2 dirs. is deleteing data for 30 mins and still hasn't finished, so I restart FSD and still the same, I have tried removing via HTTP but no, I'm on latest FSD is there any other way of removing this..? P.S. Please don't say switch to Aurora
  13. It was fine for me it didn't delete anything all my installed stuff was still there.
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