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  1. please Jairo, upload your version black
  2. i love skin , please upload
  3. Please upload Trainer for Metal Gear Soli V TPP Title Update 10
  4. thanks for skin. is posible convert this skin for aurora 0.6 ? https://mega.nz/#!2UZlEI7Q!1xYs2Te__ViIRmd1GNfOuJbSN3pded5hlkB5Z83B6Gw
  5. This skin is great, but why do not you hear the sounds like on the other skin?
  6. Can you tell me which file you have modified so that it looks blue bars? , I have edited a skin but I always go green by default. Thank you
  7. thansk for the info, work perfect. Edit : A doubt, you can move 1 game from one section to another, as it was on FSD? Example: Move 1 game that appears in the Arcades Section to the Xbox 360 Section? Sorry for my english
  8. Good to all, and thanks for the new version of Aurora. But how can I upgrade my Skins from 05b to 06 without having to do them from 0? Sorry for my english
  9. How are themes updated? Thanks
  10. It looks great, will you add background music in the menu?
  11. Legacy of Kain Defiance is possible on Xbox 360 with Retrocompatibility Hacked July 2011? The game begins, but after the Logos the screen goes black, although the game is still heard. Is a Modification possible to make it work? Sorry my english
  12. there is possibility that aurora 0.6 out before the end of the year? Thank you
  13. Well I wanted to share a couple of skins to change my taste with music and colors in keeping with the games that are based. They carry modified icons, fonts, color, music of their respective games and the odd little thing. Skin Soul Reaver : Skin DarkSiders II Purple : Download link for both Mega Skins + Backgrounds : http://www.linkbucks.com/ioKw Layout for Covers: http://www.linkbucks.com/ioKT The layout file will be placed in the "Media / Layouts" in Aurora and then select it to activate it. Well I hope you like them and enjoy them a greeting Sorry for my English
  14. It`s Posible Campaigns convert PC for this game to Xbox 360? example : http://www.gamemaps.com/details/15643 It would be possible to adapt to Xbox? Sorry for my English
  15. please upload Title Update 3 for Lego Jurassic World xbox 360 , thanks
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