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  1. How does it come, that not every single game shows on aurora. For example i upload all arcade games with horizon, but few of them do not appear on auroras layout, i can access them only trough original xbox dash.
  2. It might be that the problem is with title updates. You MUST have the latest one. (I use Horizon to install episodes to these kind of games)
  3. I had the same problem. As said above you can find it in e-mail. (just type: "unity" in search and look at every letter)
  4. Keep up the great work, some people (me included) really appreciates the things you do for us. Of course it's really hard to wait for these great updates, that's why a lot of us are b*tching about the release. All in all, i am very thankful for your work, hope we will be able to use 0.6 Aurora after few months. THANK YOU for not forgetting xbox 360 community and making it better! (my national language isn't English, so i might made some mistakes)
  5. marka3

    Top MUST play

    Assassins creed series are my favorite (AC2 is listed first of all the games that i have ever played, but i haven't liked the first one at all) Also i would suggest: Shadow of Mordor Hitman absolution Forza motorsport 4 Borderlands Saints row Almost all of telltale games (The walking dead, The wolf among us, Tales from the borderlands) Xbox exclusives (Halo, Gears of war) Bioshock series Alan Wake Dead space Skyrim Far Cry 3/4 Metro series A lot of ARCADE games: (Far cry: Blood Dragon; Ilomilo; Limbo; Sanctum 2; Trials fusion; Torchlight; Dungeon defenders etc.) Hope that i helped you with the list of Must Haves (In my opinion all of these games are worth everyones attention) Sorry if i made mistakes (English isn't my national language)
  6. marka3


    Thank you for the help. All the problems are solved
  7. marka3


    Hmmmm maybe you know why when i change livestrong from true to false, and after restarting xbox it's automatically going back to true...
  8. marka3


    Good evening people. I'm kinda new to these forums and it's hard for me to find specific topics, so i'm just creating a new one where i would like to ask: Why i do not get screen shots/trailers and familiar information about games. (i'm logged to unity and so on, i get game covers).. (sorry for mistakes, English isn't my national language)
  9. I love this theme, simple but awesome. Hope you will optimize it on Aurora 0.6 later.
  10. Can't wait for the new aurora update. A lot of good updates are coming now especially i liked the cover choosing idea. I'm just curious why you don't add avatar somewhere? :/ Btw: thank you guys for not forgetting xbox360 community, and for sharing your creations! (And if it's not a secret. About when we can expect this update to come out?)
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