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  1. He Swizzy, Dont get angry;-) I know it's a hobby. And i thing i speak for the whole community to say you and you're team are have a great support to us. I was only asking ;-) thnks for the answer.
  2. Hi Guys, Its almost 5 months after the 0.4B version. Is there a planning for a newer version? With the promisses updates?
  3. when i'm try to install a TU it give me a error. Please tell me where i can see the log file to help you guys to help me ;-) And my trainer section is always empty. Latest Dashlaunch and Kernel. And latest Aurora
  4. Great release of 0.4B I love to work with Aurora, no complains about functionally and it feels good. * Bug- TU update (Y) Device (see above same problem) * Trainer don't work on me * Sort out the arcade/emu/homebrew/games is better for me, "(Arrow up/down or something) Anyway. my oppinion. I love it.
  5. And if Xhttp is enabled, and the rest of you're settings is the same? And please don't say you have to check you're internet connection. :-) Because when i go back to FSD and download cover for a new game (farcry4) it is downloading http downloaden 1/? so it's a problem with aurora. -- Problem fixt. Aurora doesn't connect to the internet. But when i'm a clean version the problem was solving the problem. So my conclussion new install solve the problem.
  6. hi guys, i was wondering if anybody have the same problem i use aurora and download and activate a tu for wolfenstein new order. after start up there is a fast error that the tu is not working. and the game boots up so i can play. when i check in game and push the center button on the controller there is indeed no active TU. how to fix?
  7. Thnks for your program. Start with translate to Dutch. Half way now. Just looking a way where i cant find the files for compile
  8. I want to help to translate to dutch, but i want to know if Notepad++ is the right program to translate the file in.
  9. When do you guys thing there is a beta or stable version? Not this is not working but stable always better :-)
  10. TU still don't work. Dash version 3.0b Rev 775 Kernel Version 2.0.16747.0 When i go to games and then to title update manager with cod ghost it says tu00000005_00000000 version 12 and it's with a green X when i click one time on the game to see some details it sais usb1:: 415608FC and when i start the game and put on the green x with the controller i am on TID:415608FC MID3CC5A411 VER. and disc1 TU0 So don't know what i'm doing wrong? Can this be some setting on dashlaunch?
  11. connection is oke.. samba is on... but the program says fsd did not respond ?
  12. dashlaunch was old version so i update it now to 1.12 now i'm going to try to update the latest kernel to 16747 with xebuild.. but getting some error so i will try on... get u soon updated :-) so litle update, f*ck up the flash ;-) hehe... no boot anymore to FSD and no boot to orginal menu from the xbox.. blank screen with loading icon.. so no i'm goinig to get the orginal nand back with xell.. wiss me luck ;-) Latest update. I used you're xebuild gui latest version to make my backup nand to the latest kernel and dashlaunch. Tomorrow i will try to download the TU and come back to you again.
  13. All my title update's don't work? all download with FSD? Is there anythink broken? It's green in FSD? Is a clean install of FSD some option?
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