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  1. yes, but with my 14699... maybe I should keep updating my system... and, maybe the number will grow in the future...
  2. Indeed, but before 16197, the ms formated space on USB-HDD can only be 16GB, no enough for the continuouse getting larger DLCs maybe. Hope for some day, DL + FSD can make use of any dirs of the USB-hdd just configs the path like GODs or XEXs or EMUs or Apps for now...
  3. Since I only have a external USB-HDD, the Xbox360 Partition is 16GB maximium. And, the DLCs getting larger and larger , like D.M.C5, it got 3 DLCs of size 2.05GB!!! I wonder, is there a way to put DLCs in some path (without the need of Xtaf), and make FSD recognise it? Or, some other ways... (I used to put DLCs directly under the same folder of the game in windows explorer, but as I've posted the problem, the DLCs got showed in the game list as another game, which is really anoying...) Thanks in advance!
  4. Oh, that's the problem. I just drop the DLC stuff in the same folder of the game in the windows explorer... I should use Xtaf... But, I wonder what about the internal HDD... Since the game and the DLC should be in the same Content0000000000000000...
  5. Thanks! I'll try the "no section" way. But I don't think it's a bug in DL or FSD, since my last USB-HDD works fine. It's more like a install or config issue to me...
  6. After change to a new external USB-HDD, reinstalled DL306, and default launch AppsFSD..default.xex (double 65nm, J-Tag, orig USB-HDD works fine, but no storage space left for new games, and I have no internal HDD installed) Everything works just fine, but strange enough, the DLCs get showed in game list as games, both GOD and XBLA game lists. Any one encountered that? And any suggestions? I can only think of a work-around: use "only show favorite" function... Thanks in advance!
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