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  1. Thanks DataStream :Dtotally forgot to turn off the LIVE access
  2. If I connect my xbox to the internet,with the 'liveblock' enabled to play Link Games via F3,my console will be banned by xbox Live? Im on the latest dash and was using Link online games before in the previous dash. The console asks me about the internet connection everytime I boot it up thats why want to be sure that connecting it to the internet would not ban me or give me any trouble???
  3. My screenshots are not save to hard drive..!! HELP ME..!!!
  4. How many controllers can be used with the Xbox Wireless Controller Sensor For Pc? KINDLY HELP ME CZ I WANT TO BUY A RECIEVER!!!
  5. Asfand353

    Voice chat BO2

    So if I get a headset for the xbox live,I can actually chat with the people online on system link.??? Awsome !!!,
  6. Asfand353

    Voice chat BO2

    When I play on LINK the player are having voice chat,do the xbox live headphones work with system link to chat?
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