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  1. Crazy tho cause the drive likes windata disc better then verbaitim... Used the same iso and burner and windata works better not just the batch of disc because i had some from 2 diff stores
  2. So u can put a game in the drive of my 360 and transfer it over to my pc then make a iso of it and burn it?
  3. can you just put a game in the drive of a 360 and ftp it over to your pc and make a iso or do you have to flash your pc drive with iXtreme to read the disc
  4. what tutorial did you use to make a good backup
  5. He went back to the guy who flashed it and he burned him a diff copy and it worked,,, I burned him 2 copys that worked on mine and not on his,,, so I dont know im lost now.. The other guy used windata disc and it worked
  6. I used nero first then i tryied Imgburn
  7. I dont know his firmware someone else flashed it and told him it was the latest Cfw
  8. I burned them and tryied them on mine and they work but not on his
  9. He has a couple other games he plays without any issues but NBA 2k13 works for sure WWE gives a disc not supported Hitman Freeze's on load mission screen
  10. its not my 360... its not rgh/jtag its just has a flashed drive i think
  11. When I try and play this off a disc I get a disc not supported error... Good backup copy tested on a different 360... Please help!
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