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  1. There are some... i have Dungeons and Dragons which is a mutidisc game, but i don't know how to switch from disc to disc and starting the game from disc 2 obviously doesn't work 😪
  2. Hello and thanks for this tutorial. Does anyone know how to manage multidisc classic games?
  3. Worth a try... is there a way to know the hex of the game and dlc?
  4. Hi there, I have a DLC for Black Ops, named Rezurrection (EN version), not working with my FULL ITA (Pal) Black Ops: when i launch the game it says "some downloaded content is for another region ...". Is there a way for Dashlaunch to override the region check for DLCs or to fake the region game to match the DLC's region?
  5. Yes, it works with modern warfare 3 too... thank you!!!!!
  6. Hi there, does anybody know if it's possible and how to activate voice chat over system link (F3 and Link) in Modern Warfare 3 ?!
  7. Sounds like an old Dashlaunch problem... try reinstalling it and check if it's compatible with your dashboard version.
  8. Ok... thanks for your hint I'll check the router for something suspicious.
  9. Just something i noticed: from miniblade holding RB don't load retail dash, need to go to settings -> family settings or other to load retail dashboard; when enabled latest TU in CoD BO2, after exiting the game, in 'manage title uodates' there are 2 latest and active TU; marketplace Italy, 5 screens set up, but no screenshots downloaded, about 70 games and none of them have screenshots (but they have covers); just wanted to report this "bugs" or behavior.
  10. Sure, here it is: [Paths] BUT_A =BUT_B =BUT_X =BUT_Y =Start =Back =LBump =RThumb =LThumb =Default = Hdd:FSD3.735default.xexGuide =Power =Configapp =Fakeanim =Dumpfile =[Plugins]plugin1 =plugin2 =plugin3 =plugin4 =plugin5 =[Externals]ftpserv = falseftpport = 21calaunch = falsefarenheit = false[settings]nxemini = truepingpatch = truecontpatch = falsefatalfreeze = falsefatalreboot = falsesafereboot = falseregionspoof = falseregion = 0x7fffdvdexitdash = falsexblaexitdash = falsenosysexit = falsenohud = falsenoupdater = truedebugout = trueexchandler = trueliveblock = truelivestrong = trueremotenxe = falsehddalive = falsehddtimer = 210signnotice = falseautoshut = falseautooff = falsexhttp = truetempbcast = falsetemptime = 10tempport = 7030sockpatch = falsepasslaunch = falsefakelive = falsenonetstore = trueshuttemps = falsedevprof = falsedevlink = falseautoswap = truenohealth = falsenooobe = trueautofake = false
  11. Yes, it's all ok... avatar, dashboard and freeboot (16203), latest FSD (default skin), dashlaunch 3.07 (no other plugins loaded), settings as suggested in this tutorial. TCP and UDP ports open. I have a UPNP router too.
  12. Has someone solved the 'can't join session' problem? I'm trying to change ports anytime as suggested in some previous posts and with all tests passed i never can join a session in CoD BO2.
  13. Can someone point me to a tutorial for Link and online play? Latest freeboot, latest dashboard, latest dashlaunch and latest fsd and anytime i try to play black ops 2 when i select a match to partecipate after a bit of loading it says Unable to partecipate in session (or something similar). Plugin is loaded and router ports are open. TU is latest too (but i tried with TU 6 too and nothing). I just discovered the online play and Link through your videos and i wish to test it :-)
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